Father's Day ideas for lockdown! Put a smile on Dad's face this September 5th

Father's Day ideas for lockdown! Put a smile on Dad's face this September 5th

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If you've been caught off guard and are struggling to find inspiration for a Father's Day in lockdown the All About Whitianga team have put some ideas together to help make your Dad’s day special. 

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Father's Day in Lockdown – we've got you covered

If you are looking for some inspiration for Father’s Day to say thanks to your Dad, Pop or father figure, then we may be able to help with our list below!

Organise a family Video call – via zoom or social media. To make things a bit more interesting, why not create a theme for everyone? Try these ideas:

  • Everyone to dress in Dad’s favourite colour
  • Dress up as ‘Dad’
  • Share your most favourite memory of your Dad
  • As a family perform a song / poem / music for Dad
  • Have a family ‘Dad quiz’ or ‘Dad Bingo’
  • Share some photo’s of Dad in a presentation
  • Put on a song and do some 'Dad dancing'.

Keep it simple – make a card for Dad – use a ‘dad joke’ as a theme or these ideas:

  • The good ol’e “You’re a fun-gi” with a picture of a mushroom!
  • “You’re one in a Melon” with a slice of watermelon
  • Darth Vader “I am your Father’s Day Card”
  • “Dad, I’ll always be your Little Girl/Boy Financial Burden”.

Collate some memories – it doesn’t take too long to make a book online or print off some photos and put them into a frame.

A Dad meal – it could be breakfast in bed, or a Sunday roast. Try our Rotisserie Chicken with Warm Salad followed by the popular Lemon & Pomegrante Torte from our recipes pages.

Go camping in the back yard – Pitch a tent, light the brazier and cook dinner outside for Dad.

Tickets to an online gig – There are heaps of Bands doing online performances at the moment. Find one that Dad might love and then get dressed up and take him online! 

Watch a Fatherhood Flick – Dad really probably is a softy at heart, try these movies with father themes for ideas:

  • Father of the Bride
  • Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 2
  • Onward
  • Parenthood
  • Big Daddy
  • We bought a Zoo
  • Captain Fantastic
  • The Judge
  • Mrs Doubtfire
  • Daddy Day Care
  • Cheaper by the Dozen
  • Finding Nemo
  • Taken
  • The Godfather
  • Field of Dreams.

A sweet treat for Dad? – if baking is more your thing, try out some decorated cupcakes, top with tools, fish, #1’s, even mini beer mugs!

Make your own cologne or aftershave for Dad – there are kits available or recipes online.

Set up a virtual Beer / wine tasting – order online and get a variety sent to Dad and to yourself and then taste and discuss!

Sort a job – Is your Dad a bloke that spends the weekends ‘doing jobs’? You’ve got some options here –

  • organise for someone else to take care of a couple of jobs
  • do the job yourself
  • a family working bee
  • find a local Tradie to help or just join Dad and give him a hand, once we are out of lockdown of course!

The gift of time – Sometimes fathers just want to spend time with the family on Fathers Day, so just making the effort (whether its in your bubble, or online) to pop over and say ‘Hi’ could be just the thing.

And, for the man that has everything, just a phone call to say ‘I love you’ could be all that’s needed to make his Father’s Day the best yet.

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