Business Connect Listing Plan Benefits
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Business Connect listing plan

Super-connected digital marketing for our local business community.
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Contact Details

Name, address, phone and mobile with click counters, all beautifully displayed
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Website Link

A prominent button link to your website address with click counter
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Email Button

A prominent email button link for customer contact with click counter
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Social/Membership Links

Connect all your social channel and memberships links 

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Business Hours

Displays open/closed hours for each weekday and real time 'open now' or 'closed now'

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Location Map

A map displaying your street address with a map marker
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Image Gallery

Display image media with a main image, cover image, logo and photo gallery

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Video Gallery

Embed video from Youtube and Vimeo video sites
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Social Share Buttons

For users to share your listing page on their social media posts

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Related Links

Opportunity for reciprical links with other listings and news articles

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Proximity Listings

Tourism/hospitality businesses show listings of interest nearby
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Customer reviews

Customers can add reviews with powerful reviews and ratings system

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Saved as favourite

Viewers planning a trip, event or project can add you to their favourites

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Like Voting

Viewers can like your media content and user comments.

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Online Training

Video and step-by-step tutorials how to boost your digital marketing presence

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Online Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable team of experts are always here to help

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Account dashboard

24/7 login access to make your own listing changes and check listing performance statistics

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Page Views

Page and media views are recorded so you can gauge and compare popularity

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Click Statistics

Monitor click performace of contact links and attachment downloads

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Secure Encryption

Secure SSL encryption protects everything to do with your information

Business Connect Plan Features

Monthly subscription $70 PLUS GST
Plan Features
Contact details
Website link
Email button
Social/membership links
Real-time business hours
Location map
Image gallery media 12
Video gallery media 1
Social share buttons
Related links
Proximity listings
Customer reviews
Saved as favourite
Like voting
Online training
Online support
Account dashboard
Page views
Click statistics
Secure encryption
Special Covid-19 alert categories
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Need help
with setup?

Our popular setup service is available to busy people and businesses wanting help with writing content, uploading images, and getting everything connected.

Our experienced local Whitianga based team will help get your business listing and digital marketing profile performing at its best. We make the process easy by taking care of everything from account setup to page setup, for a one-off fee of just $210 plus gst.