Wharekaho – Simpsons Beach
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Simpsons Beach

Wharekaho – Simpsons Beach


Wharekaho (Simpsons Beach)
New Zealand 3592

Quick Facts

Māori Meaning:
Enclosed palisade (whare: house; kaho: fence rail )
8 min (6 km) from Whitianga
2 hr 30 min (194 km) from Auckland
Wharekaho (Simpsons Beach)

A place of history and living legacies

Wharekaho (Simpsons Beach) is set alongside a beautiful beach and the shade of inviting ancient Pohutukawa.

Today it is the home to Ko Te Ra Matiti (Wharekaho) marae of Ngati Hei iwi who descend from Hei and the Arawa waka, which arrived in the area in 1350. It is also home to a small number of more recent residents and seasonal visitors who enjoy the enchantment of this easy to access long sandy beach.

Historically it was home to the ancient Wharetaewa Pa, which was established in 1150AD and occupied for many generations until an attack on its inhabitants in 1880. It is also the place in 1769 where Captain Cook and his crew experienced their first official Powhiri and welcome on New Zealand soil at Wharetaewa Pa.

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Useful Visitor Information

Local Tips — Wharekaho

(Simpsons Beach)
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Getting to Wharekaho

You can get to Wharekaho (Simpsons Beach) by car following SH25 just north of Whitianga (5.7km).
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Where to stay

Check out a range of options in our Accommodation Guide.

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Simpsons Beach Boat Ramp

Very small boats launch from the northern end of the beach with the assistance of tractor of 4WD towing.

The nearest concrete boat ramps are in Whitianga.

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Must Do's

  • At the northern end of the beach look up to the hills to see if you can spot the Kiwi made from a series of white rocks up on the hill.
  • From the southern end of the beach look to the headland where the ancient Wharetaewa pa was located.
  • Surf casting off the beach.
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Where to grab a bite to eat

There are no shops at Simpsons Beach so bring your own supplies or stock up in Whitianga on your way. Check out our Local guide for options nearby.

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Download and print our Tides PDF file for local tide times.

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There are no shops in Wharekaho so bring your own supplies or stock up in Whitianga on your way.

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Things to do with kids

On a warm fine day a swim at Simpsons Beach in Wharekaho is just a delight. On a not so warm day a full walk along the beach to collect beach offerings and enjoy the banter as you avoid the incoming waves is just as delightful. A small playground off Winiata Place adjacent to the beach is an alternative to sand and sea.

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Public Toilets (restrooms)

  • Wharekaho Reserve
    Just off Winiata Place.
Local Tips
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