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New Support centre for Coromandel businesses

Te Waka's Business Growth team has announced that Whitianga businesses will benefit from a new phone-based support centre servicing the Waikato. The centre will target small to medium sized firms and will provide free advice and assistance to organisations affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

This Waikato Business Support initiative has been initiated via funding by Hamilton City Council and led by Te Waka. The support centre was launched in Hamilton and Waipa and has also been made available throughout the Thames-Coromandel, Otorohanga, Waitomo and Matamata Piako regions.

Te Waka's job is to help Waikato businesses survive, revive and grow post COVID-19. That means pooling our resources and working together with others to accelerate business recovery and enhance business capability.

Te Waka CEO Michael Bassett-Foss says.

Get Free Support For Your Whitianga Business

Get free advice and support for your Whitianga business by connecting with the Te Waka Waikato Business Support initiative where you can register for a call back at a time to suit you. If you have any questions, you can call 07 929 4673.

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