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Covid-19 coronavirus faqs

Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown faqs

Not sure what you can and can't do during the Covid 19 coronavirus lockdown period?

New Zealand is currently at Alert Level 4. Some of the Governments key messages to the public are to stay at home and keep a physical distance when you are outside of your home. So how do we apply this to how we go about everyday lockdown lives? Below is a summary of Government guidelines to some of those frequently asked questions covering the topics of staying home, stopping movement, exercising, public spaces, self isolation and using your car.

When can I use my car?

Using private vehicles for transport is allowed, however you can only travel if you are accessing essential services, shopping for food or medicine, or if you are an essential worker, travelling to, from or as part of your essential work. You should also only travel in your car with people from your household. Remember any unnecessary travel may spread Covid 19 coronavirus.

Tips for supermarket shopping

Use paywave where possible, not cash and bag groceries away from others. When you get home wash produce with soapy water to protect against the virus then rinse to remove any soap residue. Wipe down packaged goods with a soapy clean towel, then dry. Wash your hands before and after you shop.

Why do I have to stay home?

This saves lives by slowing down the spread of the virus and breaks the chain of transmission. By doing this now we can avoid getting into a worse situation where hospitals could be overwhelmed.

What do you mean by stopping movement?

There should be no movement that isn’t essential, for example, don’t drive for 20 minutes to take your dog for a walk in the park, try walking around the block instead. 

Why is exercise allowed?

Going for a walk, run or bike ride is good for your mental health. Stay close to home for example don’t drive to another suburb to go to the beach. 

Which types of exercise aren’t ok?

Don’t do anything that could lead you to getting lost of hurting yourself and end up requiring the help of emergency services.

Which public spaces should I avoid?

Avoid places where people commonly linger or are unable to maintain a 2 metre distance. 

Who can I contact if I see people not following the rules on self-isolation?

You can tell the police by completing the online form.

When should I shop in store instead of getting food delivered?

If you are healthy and under 70 you should go to the supermarket instead of shopping online. This leaves delivery slots free for the people who may need need them the most.

What can I do to help 70 plus or vulnerable people?

Call, video chat or text them to see how they are. Offer to pick up food or supplies for them, just make sure that you keep 2 metres away when you drop it off.  

Where can I get more information?

For the most up to date information and official Covid-19 coronavirus information go to the Government website.

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