COVID-19 Testing Site Opening at Mercury Bay Medical Centre

COVID-19 Testing Site Opening at Mercury Bay Medical Centre

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Mercury Bay Medical Centre from street

From 1st April 2020 the Mercury Bay Medical Centre will become a Covid-19 coronavirus testing site for the community of Whitianga and surrounds including Matarangi, Tairua and Pauanui. Criteria for testing and prior authorisation for testing will be required. 

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Criteria for Covid-19 testing in Whitianga

Anyone who meets the following criteria can be tested at 87 Albert Street, (Bryce Street side of the building) with prior authorisation of the urgent Dr working that day:

  1. Fever >38 OR any acute shortness of breath, cough or sore throat AND Travel to or from (excluding airport transit) areas of concern within 14 days before onset of illness
  2. Fever >38 OR any acute shortness of breath, cough or sore throat AND Close contact or casual contact with a suspect, probable or confirmed case of covid infection in the last 14 days before
  3. Healthcare worker with community acquired pneumonia regardless of international travel

PLEASE NOTE- you cannot go to the Medical Centre site for testing without prior approval from the urgent Doctor first. Call the Medical Centre if you feel you meet the criteria to be tested.

Times for the COVID-19 testing clinic are between 10am-3pm on weekdays. 

Due to transportation and storage issues, swabbing will only be done on the weekends if clinically urgent. 

If the criteria change the Mercury Bay Medical Centre will announce this via their Facebook page and Website

Whitianga Medical Centres Merge

From the 1st April The Doctors Surgery will merge with Mercury Bay Medical Centre. During this time of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and self isolation all services will be based from 87 Albert St, Whitianga (The White House). The premises at 58 Albert St, Whitianga will be closed until lockdown is over. 

For all enquires call the Mercury Bay Medical Centre on 07 8665911.

Go to the health and wellbeing pages on All About Whitianga for more information about the Mercury Bay Medical Centre.  

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