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Looking for some online winter viewing with a local flavour?

The ‘Bubble Bites' series saw local artists performing at home in their ‘bubbles’ via a weekly performance via the Creative Mercury Bay Youtube channel.

“Bubble Bites” Success

During COVID-19 lockdown the team at Creative Mercury Bay thought outside the square to provide a series of online performances when physical gathering and events were being cancelled or postponed.

Volunteers at Creative Mercury Bay engaged with local artists and produced a series of 10 online episodes featuring a variety of performance genres. The series hit the ground running in April and continued until June and have been viewed over 1,800 times.  

The ‘Bubble Bites' series saw local artists performing at home in their ‘bubbles’ via a weekly performance via the Creative Mercury Bay Youtube channel.  Each episode is approximately 30mins and there are 32 bite sized performances in total including everything from poetry, rock, dance and cooking. 

We were absolutely thrilled to be successful with our funding application to Creative New Zealand, and as a result we now have a showcase series of local Mercury Bay talent that can now be accessed at any time by anyone online.

Jan Wright, Acting chair of Creative Mercury Bay.

Free Winter Viewing from the comfort of your couch!

The Bubble Bites series is now available to watch as a free series of 10 episodes via the Creative Mercury Bay Youtube Channel. 

Artists for Episode 10
  • Diana Morcom & Helen Lee - Classical Pianist & Flautist
  • Good Gracious Annie - Folk/Country Musicians
  • Dylan Wade - Soul/Blues/Jazz/Folk Singer.
Artists for Episode 9
  • Andy Santos - Jazz Musician
  • Wild Bones Open Floor Dance (Jacqui chan & Lisa Corston
  • Helen Oliver ft Sarah Morcom - Poet & Pianist.
Artists for Episode 8
  • Mark Taipari - Rock/Reggae Singer/Songwriter
  • Toya Fleetwood - Singer/Songwriter
  • Fiona Sullivan - Poet/Thespian
  • Taiju Watanabe - Emerging Pianist.
Artists for Episode 7
  • Scott Burst - Metal/Rock Guitarist
  • Shannon Nicolson - Thespian/Poet
  • Anita Prime - R&B/Pop Singer/Songwriter.
Artists for Episode 6
  • Stewart Pedley - Singer/Songwriter
  • Vegas Brown - Reggae/NZ Roots/Acoustic Rock Musician
  • Chance Taiaroa Wiari Haddon - Rapper/Producer.
Artists for Episode 5
  • Retrokiwi - Pop/Rock/Folk/Reggae Duo
  • RELAPSE Band - Musical Theatre/Originals/Dance group
  • Katarina Lee - Author.
Artists for Episode 4
  • Soul Sax Plus - Jazz/Blues/Soul musicians
  • Sharyn Morcom - Thespian/Theatre Director
  • Sarah Morcom - Indie Pop Singer/Songwriter.
Artists for Episode 3
  • Let's Go Descarrego! - Acoustic Folk Punk Duo
  • Fabian Roberts - Soft Rock/Alternative Musician
  • Yvette Audain - Singer/Songwriter and Composer
  • Deborah Hide-Bayne - Cookbook and Lifestyle Author.
Artists for Episode 2
  • Andy Santos - Jazz Musician
  • Gemma Louden - Singer/Songwriter.

Artists for Episode 1

  • Singer - Peter Lawrence AKA The Rockin Realtor
  • Poet - Howard Saunders
  • Country Musicians - Alan & Julia Rhodes
  • Bonus track from - Let's Go Descarrego - Stu Pedley & Leo Magri.

Who are Creative Mercury Bay?

Creative Mercury Bay is a charitable trust that aims to facilitate, foster, celebrate and advocate for the performing arts, in all their forms in the Mercury Bay Community.

All About Whitianga is a proud sponsor of Creative Mercury Bay and their events. 

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