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Happy Halloween with a Friendly Trick and Treating List and Tips

Halloween is getting ready to knock on your door this Saturday 31st October. There will be ghouls, ghosts, goblins, pumpkin people and scary fairies preparing to take to the streets for some fun, laughter and the promise of some prized sugar-laden treats.

Halloween Whitianga

While this is one of America’s favourite holidays the tradition of dressing up as the weird or the wonderful has been developing its own character in New Zealand.

For the last three years in Whitianga self-confessed Halloween fan Eloise Green has prepared a special Halloween Trick or Treat Friendly list. The purpose of the list is really simple. While there is great support for Halloween in some camps, it is well known that Halloween is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is where Eloise saw the opportunity to coordinate the Trick or Treat Friendly list. It provides the addresses and the times that Halloween enthusiasts can visit listed addresses around Whitianga town.

“The list provides a win -win situation on Halloween night. People who want a visit from trick or treaters can list their address and times that they will receive Halloween visitors. On the flip side those wanting to celebrate Halloween can plan out their evening of fun to visit the addresses that celebrate Halloween,” says Eloise.

Popular costumes for this year have been mooted as follows from some Halloween enthusiasts getting ready for this Saturday night; the classic ghoul, witch or axe through the head inspired Frankenstein. More modern interpretations include the onesie inspired crazed Dalmatian or demented Minion.

Whitianga Halloween Group Photo

If you are in Whitianga on Halloween evening make sure you visit Halloween HQ at 6pm for the group photo!

Download a copy of your Halloween Trick or Treat Friendly list.

Some key tips from Eloise for your house if you are leaving out treats on Halloween:

  • Hand out lollies to your Halloween visitors, rather than a free for all with kids
  • Limit the number of lollies your give out :)
  • It's great to give special lollies to trick or treaters in special costumes – reward the effort
  • Avoid unattended lollie dishes if possible

A happy Halloween to all.
Look forward to seeing your costumes and have a great Halloween!

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