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New Zealand Children’s Day – Te Ra O Te Tamariki

Children’s Day has been running since early 2000, and this Sunday 6 March is national Children’s Day.  The purpose of the day is to provide a specific date in the calendar to encourage us all to take some time out as families, carers and friends to celebrate the children in our lives. 

The broad theme of National Children's Day is “what it means to treasure our children”.

Celebrating Children’s Day in the Coromandel

It’s no secret that families are attracted to the Coromandel Peninsula by a raft of fantastic things that our community and environment can offer growing children and young adults.  This led me to ask the question - what would our local Coromandel kids want to do on National Children’s Day?  For some inspiration I checked in with some of our 10 year olds in a Year Six class at Mercury Bay Area School to ask this very question.  The responses were just delightful.

Kids ideas to celebrate Children’s Day

  • Parents to give me breakfast in bed
  • Music bands and dancing
  • Hold a pet day
  • A day at home
  • Unicorns dress up day
  • Paintball competition
  • Motor cross all day
  • Camping on Saturday Night
  • Getting outside surfing and sailing
  • Harry Potter Marathon (books or films) sleepover party
  • Sports activities
  • A day at the pool
  • Video games
  • A day at Hot Water Beach
  • Toys picnic
  • A sleepover party in the classroom/School sleepover

Some ideas on Treasuring our Children

The thing that is amazing about children (and indeed people in general) is the possibilities. I look at the young ones in our care and marvel at where they might be and what they may be doing in 10 years time. At the same time, we need to recognise that they are "someone" right now and we need to celebrate and embrace that.

Anne-Maree McDougall, Deputy Principal Primary Years, Mercury Bay Area School.

We need to see that each day is a precious day for our young people - that they are well loved and nurtured, are safe, secure and happy in all that they do; and schools are a significant part of this picture of well-being. We are striving really hard to ensure our young people are learning and growing, day on day, in an environment in which they can flourish. The seeds for each young person were planted right from day 1 of their lives; it is over to us all to provide the foundations and conditions so that they can indeed flourish.

John Wright, Principal Mercury Bay Area School.

Children are precious, they are our hopes, our aspirations our future.  They need to be cherished and loved so they can reach their full potential.

A quote provided by Julie Coughey, Managing Director Peanuts Childcare and Education Centre Whitianga.

Children are our treasure and Children’s Day is a perfect time for use to stop and think about what we can do for the small people in our life.

Children's Day website.

History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.

Special session of the UN for Children, New York City May 9, 2002

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National Organisations:
Office of Children’s Commissioner.
Children’s Day website.
Universal Children's Day, United Nations ( held annually on 20 November).

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