Review for Peanuts Early Learning Centre Whitianga, Impressed With The Care & Attention Given To The Children

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Impressed With The Care & Attention Given To The Children
As an outside person new to town and an early childhood teacher when I visited Peanuts Childcare & Education Center I was very impressed with the care and attention that was given to the children, being a small center it had excellent ratios and the atmosphere was both loving and generous both indoors and outdoors.The children had time and space to learn and create aspects of play which had no time limits placed on them before it had to be cleared away. They say that if you can walk into a childcare center and observe children in their play, a lot can be said within those precious moments of observation. If a smile is genuine, laughter is key and magic is the ingredient then look no further, your child's journey will start here which will lead them on towards a future filled with fun, discovery and different ways of learning which will foster confidence, passion and empowerment. If my child was at this early stage in his life, I would love to bring him here, play and learning at its best amongst nature and caring educators who are passionate about there center.

Molly the morepork lives at Peanuts we are so lucky
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