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All About Whitianga Advertising


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Cost effective digital marketing that gets you noticed by local consumers and visitors actively seeking products and services in Whitianga, Mercury Bay and the wider Coromandel Peninsula.

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Advertise on All About Whitianga to promote your business, service, product, job vacancies or events in Whitianga, the Mercury Bay or around the Coromandel Peninsula - contact us!  With 1.9 million+  views to date and an online audience of 300,000+ in the last year the All About Whitianga website is the place to be seen.

An excellent local on-line profile for your business

Our experienced sales, marketing and design team can quickly create a business listing page or banner advert for your business. Get a profile page to:

  • Promote your business or event
  • Raise your brand awareness
  • Highlight your new products or promotions
  • Generate leads.
Audiences are increasingly looking online and our All About Whitianga low-cost advertising options are easy to set up and will get you results that you can measure. I look forward to assisting in raising the online profile of your business.

Sales and Business Development Manager, Cathy Klouwens

Cost effective advertising rates and pricing options to keep your business connected

All About Whitianga business listing pages are packed full of features for you to promote your business and to keep you connected to your existing online website or social media. Measure customer views, and update your page details 24/7 with your own personal login. This page is an example of different features that you can use. We invite you to browse our various advertising categories throughout the website and you'll quickly notice the consistent high quality of our business listings. 

Our aim is to provide you with an excellent product and deliver you qualified leads.

  • Monthly Subscription rates - Three great options to suit your needs -  Business Connect: $60 +GST per month per listing, Business Premium $90 +GST, Premium Plus $120+GST 
  • Page add on set up for busy people - one off fee $180 +GST per listing - don’t have time to set up your own page, let us do this for you!

List Whitianga jobs – All About Whitianga jobs section

List situations vacant on the All About Whitianga jobs section. Connect with our audience who are already engaged in looking for information in Whitianga and the Mercury Bay area. 

Advertising banner placements

Sidebar and customised banner placements are available throughout the site for your target market.

  • Side Bar Banners -  design and placement tailored to suit your target audience -  from $60 +GST per month (3 month booking periods required for some banner options). Our skilled design team can assist with creative work
  • Home Page Profile and Customised Banner Placement - contact us and we will design a package for you.

Highlights pages

Placements in the Highlights section $30 +GST per month per category (min 3 month booking period).  Links directly to your listing page and targets viewers with specific interests who are looking for themed experiences.  

Whitianga & Mercury Bay event listings

Raise the profile of your event to sell more tickets and get more attendance to your event. Create an event listing on our popular What’s On pages.  Contact us to discuss pricing and your needs.

Tailored advertising packages

Contact our team who can provide a personalised advertising package for your business. 

Our local Whitianga promotion & design team

The focus of our team is getting results for our customers. The team working on the All About Whitianga website collectively possess top level skills in sales, marketing and advertising with backgrounds in these areas spanning decades. 

What Customers say about us

See what our customers say about the on-line business marketing and advertising options we offer. View our customer endorsements below to see how our customers rate our service and advertising products.

Join us on All About Whitianga to receive immediate benefits from being part of Mercury Bay's popular website.

Call or email our local team to assist - we look forward to hearing from you!

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Advertising has turned into sales
Using All About Whitianga is very very easy. We have people asking questions from our page and this has turned into sales, so it does work. It’s fantastic and really good value for money and lovely people.
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Affordable for a new business
We use All About Whitianga for our advertising. I really love it because its affordable for a new business. They have a great reach and the girls are really lovely.
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The best thing we did
Signing up with All About Whitianga was the best thing we did. It's 100% awesome. In the first month we have got new jobs.
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Our business increased in sales
We have a busy Bar/Restaurant called the Vessel in Cooks Beach, Coromandel. This Season, we decided to advertise on 'All About Whitianga' and couldn't be more happier with the results. We found that our business increased in sales due to Whitianga visitors and residents coming and trying our Restaurant. Cathy and Kat were an absolute pleasure to work with and assisted us greatly to make this whole process smooth and easy. Thanks again Ladies and Thanks All About Whitianga!
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The All About Whitianga website produced!
My sincere thanks for your help and assistance on the web site. My endorsement is that other than word of mouth, the All About Whitianga web site produced the majority of my contacts and the customer comments feature was key in that respect.
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Excellent Results
Everyone is online now and All About Whitianga is top ranking and works really well for regular enquires for my business.
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Professional & Prompt Service & Great Asset to Whitianga
(Updated: August 04, 2020)
Thank you Cathy for all your help and our fantastic listing on All About Whitianga! Always so professional and prompt and a great asset to Whitianga.
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Your Services Are Invaluable For The Promotion Of Our Business
The amount of people contacting us through the website is absolutely fantastic, your services are invaluable for the promotion of our business.
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Mercury Bay Athletics Club – letter of thanks
None of what we have been able to achieve in our first season would have been possible without your support. Sponsorship to community organisations like ours, comes directly from your earnings, and we do not take that for granted. We cannot thank you enough for believing in a start up club, what was originally just a few Mums just wanting to do something for their town and their family, to what is a formal club, that we are so proud of.
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Our Most Important Advertising
The All About Whitianga team provides our team with a skill we don't have. It's great to have someone to take care of our online advertising website presence. The All About Whitianga website team are in regular contact with us to assist in updating our business listing page information and images. The All About Whitianga website provides the perfect type of media that is our most important advertising.
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Cannot Recommend Their Services Highly Enough
We have advertised with All About Whitianga for over six years. Cathy is always quick to respond to any support I need and the dashboard is incredibly easy to use. I cannot recommend their services highly enough. Their customer service is excellent.
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Amazing Customer Service!
Amazing customer service! Super helpful and always really great to deal with :)
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100% Happy With Your Advertising & Service
We are 100% happy with your service and what the All About Whitianga advertising achieves for us. We were going to set up our own website but haven't needed to as our business profile page works extremely well and just does the job for us. Your service is incredibly friendly and we appreciate the way you touch base with us regularly. Your team is really interested in learning about our business and enhancing our marketing to target our clients. Coming to you was the best thing!
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Cost Effective Advertising Media For Our Business With Consistent Enquiries
This is a quick note to let you know how happy we are with our advertising page on your “All About Whitianga” Website. It has been a cost effective advertising media for our business, with consistent enquiries coming directly from the site. We really appreciate your continued customer service, keeping our page fresh and up to date. We highly recommend your service to any local business. 
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Advertising Page Definitely Working For Us
Our advertising page is definitely working for us. We have had phone calls and referrals - really pleased. 
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Had Amazing Responses It Is A Fantastic Website For Attracting Customers
We have been advertising on ALL ABOUT WHITIANGA for several years with our lawn mowing business and have had amazing responses. It is a fantastic website for attracting customers and we thank Cathy and her team for looking after us.

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A Responsive Innovative Product That Really Works For Us
(Updated: July 23, 2019)
The Lost Spring thermal pools and day spa have worked with the All About Whitianga team since 2013.  All About Whitianga provide us with a responsive innovative product that really works for us and clearly adds value to our online profile to drive visitors to us.  We have multiple listings that link together on the site for our different areas of service (restaurant, day spa and pools), an also promote our events on the “What’s On” section.  The product is also backed by a team who provide us with great service throughout the year.  All About Whitianga is attractive and easy to navigate and showcases Whitianga businesses, events and local community groups in a highly positive way.  During our working relationship we have found All About Whitianga proactive, professional and their energy levels are positive and inspiring with the contribution to the wider business community. 

Rachel Main - Manager of The Lost Spring. 
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Listing Page Really Adds Value To Our Business & The Support We Get Is Responsive & Professional
(Updated: July 23, 2019)
We have found the results of our advertising absolutely work for us and we really enjoy the service that the All About Whitianga team provide us.  We know by the viewing statistics for our advertising and by the comments from our customers that All About Whitianga is working for us. When we opened Stoked Restaurant we were aware of the All About Whitianga website and saw it as a valuable place to be seen and did not hesitate to advertise with them. We feel that our business listing page really adds value to our business and the support that we get from All About Whitianga staff is responsive and professional. We feel that the All About Whitianga website is an asset to our business community and our wider community in general.  We are Stoked to be advertising with All About Whitianga and to be working with the All About Whitianga team.  

Bex and Andy - Owners, Stoked Restaurant
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Your Contribution Is Greatly Appreciated & Is Valuable Towards The Success Of This Event
(Updated: July 23, 2019)
On behalf of the organising committee I wish to extend a thank you for your generous support with sponsoring A Taste of Matarangi. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and is valuable towards the success of this event. 

Bronwyn Ririnui, Event co-ordinator A Taste of Matarangi
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The Site Has Been Nothing Less Than Fantastic!
The site has been nothing less than fantastic! The greater portion of my contacts are from the website. Most people say they just searched Google for my services, and my business listing page came up. Indication of a great job on the website. Again, thanks heaps for money well spent.

Andy, Santos-de Santos Satellite TV Systems & Audio/Video Installations

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Thank You For Your Sponsorship
(Updated: July 23, 2019)
Thank you for your sponsorship toward the club, we really do appreciate it. Looking forward to another great season of tennis.  

Mercury Bay Tennis Club
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Great Value For Money & Have Noticed A Real Increase In Enquiries For My Business
(Updated: July 23, 2019)
All About Whitianga has been a fantastic provider of advertising for my architecture business. Cathy has been incredibly efficient and professional in my initial start-up with All About Whitianga, my page was up and running the day after our first phone call! Since then I have requested several additional photograph updates to my page, all my requests were received with the same diligent manner. I find the service great value for money, and have noticed a real increase in enquiries for my business. I love that my service is advertised along with other reputable local companies, especially those within the construction industry. All About Whitianga is a hub of information for the Whitianga region and I’m happy to be included in that collective.

Kirstin Castle, Studio 77 Architecture and Design Consultants
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Second To None
(Updated: July 23, 2019)
The service I get from All about Whitianga as well as Cathy is great.  I think online advertising plays a huge role on how I can reach people and market myself. With this business listing page I have a greater ability of being able to reach so many more people than with just print media alone. The work that the All About Whitianga team does to constantly improve not just the entire website but my page is second to none. I am more than happy to continue to use this service.

Chloe Cater, Bayleys Coromandel Property Manager
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I Regularly Ask Our Customers How They Have Found Us & They Always Find Us On All About Whitianga
(Updated: July 23, 2019)
We find the All About Whitianga service and advertising fabulous.  I regularly ask our customers how they have found us and they always find us on All About Whitianga. It's the first thing that pops up when they search for our service.

Aimee Bainbridge, Peninsula Small Engines
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All About Whitianga Is Definitely Providing Us With Referrals - Your Advertising Is Working For Us
(Updated: July 23, 2019)
We are really happy with the service from the All About Whitianga team and exposure that our business listing page gives us as a new company. I regularly ask our customers where they have heard about us and All About Whitianga is definitely providing us with referrals Your advertising is working for us.

Vanessa Mckay, Coastline Pool & Spa
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Fabulour Job - Couldn't Do Any More For Us!
(Updated: July 23, 2019)
You guys are just great and doing a fabulous job.  You couldn't do any more for us!

Louanna Skelton, The Autobarn 2004 Ltd
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Very Happy With The Advertising Price
(Updated: July 23, 2019)
The All About Whitianga website does everything I need to enhance my business and I am very happy with the advertising price.

Lisa, Lotus Beauty
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Our Business Listing Page Picked Up Work For Us Instantly
(Updated: July 23, 2019)
Our business listing page picked up work for us instantly.  The phone just started to ring.  We get all of our large jobs through our advertising with All About Whitianga.

Whitianga Concreting Limited.
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Our Business Listing Page - It's All We Need
(Updated: July 23, 2019)
The All About Whitianga website is so easy to navigate. Any time you need to find something local go to All About Whitianga - everybody is there. We constantly refer our customers to our business listing page - its all we need. 

Sangam Restaurant
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Thanks Very Much For Your Awesome Service
(Updated: July 23, 2019)
Thanks for the info. Your system works really well - great job! Thanks very much for your awesome service. 

Rachel, Blinds Whitianga
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I Use My Business Listing On All About Whitianga As My Own Website
(Updated: July 23, 2019)
I use my business listing on All About Whitianga as my own website and I get people to regularly view it to see the work that I do. It really works well for me. 

John Murray, Bay Project Services Ltd.
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I Am Very Satisfied
(Updated: July 23, 2019)
My business listing page is working really well for me - I am very satisfied.

 John Mountany, Bob's Takeaways
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Wonderful Asset To The World Of Advertising & To Keeping People Informed
(Updated: July 23, 2019)
Thank you for the wonderful way in which you operate " All About Whitianga". It sure is a wonderful asset to the world of advertising and to keeping people informed as to what there is to see and do in our wonderful little part of the world. It helps to encourage lots more people to holiday or just make our town part of their trip around good old New Zealand. 

Anne Jones - Whitianga Arts, Craft and Farmers Market
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A Great One Stop Shop For Getting Information About Whitianga
(Updated: July 23, 2019)
Such a nice website to visit and a great one stop shop for getting information about Whitianga. Our business listing page was straight forward and easy to use with the ability to update pages as required. It created leads to our sections for sale and provided the added bonus of giving viewers other information about Whitianga as a destination and place to live. All of our sections are now sold so job done! 

Sherri - Pacific Estate Subdivision.
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All My New Enquires Are From My Business Listing On All About Whitianga
(Updated: July 23, 2019)
All my new enquires are from my business listing on All About Whitianga - I'm stoked! 

Lisa Gifford - En Pointe Dance Studio
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The Advertising Is More Than Paying For Itself
This is the only advertising that I do and I get lots of regular email and phone enquires. The advertising is more than paying for itself. Thanks All About Whitianga!

Dwayne Mansell -  Peninsula Concrete Laying.
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My Business Page Listing Is Certainly Paying For Itself - It Has Paid For Itself 10 Or 20 Times Over
Brilliant site and certainly want to keep the ad going. My business page listing is certainly paying for itself - it has paid for itself 10 or 20 times over. Thanks once again for all of your help.  Absolutely stoked.

Steve Hull- Inspect Services.
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We've Got Many New Jobs Through Our Business Listing Page
It's always hard to find a good way to advertise.  All About Whitianga works and its great. We've got many new jobs through our business listing page.

Lawnmowing and Maintenance Services
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Every Town In New Zealand Should Have A Website Like This!

Every town in New Zealand should have a website like this! It's just a one stop shop for all the information you need to know.

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My Turn Over Has Increased By 35-40%
All About Whitianga, a great big THANKS, my turn over has increased by 35-40% in the last year mainly down to your web site , once again thank you. 

John Hodges, A1 Whitianga Towing
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Great Looking Website!
Great looking website!

Bachcare Holiday Homes
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Improved My Enquiry & Workload 100%
This is the best web site for my business as it has improved my enquiry and workload 100%. I had been advertising in a paper media for over 12 months and not had one enquiry, since being on “AllaboutWhitianga” for a short time I have had 100% success rate in quotes and receiving the work quoted for. What more could any business ask for? Thanks Dean and Tracey. 

Kind regards Andrew Fleming - C & A Decorators Ltd.
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Most Successful In Promoting My Business
Congratulations to The Team of "All About Whitianga" for having the vision to set up a "One Stop Website" such as this for business operators within our area. This site has proven to be most successful in promoting my business for Visitors to the area in search of a Haircut where an appointment is not necessary. A great platform for Advertisers. 

Thank you, Margaret Barber Shop, Whitianga
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