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69 Albert Street


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Call us about our catering platters!

What to Expect

Enjoy some of Japan's finest dishes at Umino Hoshi made with the freshest ingredients from chicken teriyaki, succulent sushi, tempura deep fried prawns, noodles, donburi and vegetables to Teriyaki Chicken fried noodles.

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Dine in at our relaxed friendly restaurant or for takeaways see the attached menu below.

Our Japanese Dishes available in Whitianga 

  • Hoshi Special Set - teriyaki chicken, beef, chicken misoyaki, salmon (all Hoshi special sets come with salad, chicken katsu, sushi, tempura, rice and miso soup)
  • Noodles - teriyaki chicken, teriyaki seafood or vegetarian
  • Donburi - teriyaki chicken, beef, katsu donburi, misoyaki chicken, salmon sahimi (all donburi dishes come with vegetables and rice in a bowl)
  • Main Dishes - teriyaki chicken, beef, katsu, chicken katsu with curry, chicken misoyaki, salmon, vegetables (All our main dishes  come with salad, rice and miso soup
  • Side Dishes - salmon, seaweed salad, takoyaki, edamame, gyo-za, karage, spring rolls, grilled prawn, steamed rice, miso soup

Our Daily Sushi Cabinet

We have a range of freshly made sushi available in our cabinets for you to eat at our tables or to take away.

Sushi Catering Platters Available

If you are having guests or need to take a plate we can help. We have Sushi platters available to suit your taste buds and budget. Please call to order.


Takeaway Menu - Sushi

Please order via text or phone. Use number above on this site. Alternatively please send a message via Umino Hoshi on facebook messenger. Contactless payment may be made on pick up or may be arranged via internet banking.

Roll Sushi $1.50
Teriyaki Chicken, Vegetable, Tempura Vegetable, Tuna, Teriyaki Beef, Pineapple & Cream Cheese

Roll Sushi $1.80
Salmon & Avocado, Crumbed Chicken, Salmon & Cream Cheese, Chicken & Cream Cheese, Deep fried Teriyaki, Chicken

Roll Sushi $2.50
Teriyaki Chicken & Cream Cheese

Nigiri Sushi (with rice block) $2.00
Crumbed Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken, Spicy Chicken, Egg, Seaweed Salad, Tuna

Nigiri Sushi (with rice block) $2.20
Fresh Salmon, Grilled Salmon, Prawn, Lobster Salad, Prawn Tempura

Katsu Chicken on Rice $8.00

Takeaway Menu - Hot dishes

Donburi - comes with stir-fried vegetables and rice in a bowl. Noodles - Thick noodles with stir-fried vegetables

Teriyaki Chicken Donburi $15.00

Teriyaki Beef Donburi $15.00

Teriyaki Vegetables Donburi $15.00

Misoyaki Chicken Donburi $18.00

Teriyaki Chicken Noodles $15.00

Teriyaki Seafood Noodles $18.00

Teriyaki Vegetables Noodles $15.00

Gyo za $7.00
Deep fried dumplings, 6 pieces

Spring Roll $7.00
7 pieces

Karage $10.00
Deep fried chicken


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So many tasty pieces of sushi to choose from in the cabinets - great treat for a Friday lunch :)

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Delicious takeaways for lunch and a great hot miso to warm us all up on such a cold day thanks Umino Hoshi team!

Umino Hoshi Whitianga delicious sushi lunch
Umino Hoshi  Whitianga lunchtime sushi
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