Leanne Adams Art Workshop: Scheduled 44 South Highway, Whitianga Event

Leanne Adams Art Workshop

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Leanne Adams
Event Date
May 21, 2021 - 5:30pm
End Date
May 23, 2021

Studio 44
44 South Highway, Whitianga
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Abstract – Leanne Adams

Join Leanne Adams and let your inner artist out! Art workshops in Whitianga with a variety of themes available to let you immerse yourself in creativity.

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Abstract for Beginners

Have you ever wanted to create an abstract painting? Unlock your own mysteries and abstract language and share them on a canvas under Leanne's guidance. Kick start your abstract experience, learn language, colour codes, explore principles of nature, let you inner mystic lead you through the labyrinth, gain confidence, express your own unique abstract style. Create a simple, powerful piece.

Art Workshop weekend in Whitianga

Start the weekend by meeting at the Lost Spring on the Friday evening to introduce yourself to classmates, relax and if your wish, enjoy a meal.

Saturday and Sunday will be two full days in the art studio from 9.30am to approximately 4.30pm. Light refreshments are provided during the workshop along with texture  and background materials, your canvas and paint.

Abstract creation holds all the same keys and cues of traditional realism in terms of its need for correct shape, form, structure, colour and composition and then commands and even deeper aspect from its artists. It requires us to learn to trust the unseen, to give it shape and form, to connect and communicate its intrinsic value without being able to actually see it in any other form. It is difficult to replicate because it emerges from within the artist therefore each piece must be addressed and acknowledged in its own right.


More workshops

Leanne offers a range of workshops for individuals, small groups and work groups. Please see the link to her website on the left.

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