Beach Hop - Main Street Whitianga

Beach Hop- Repco Beach Party in Whitianga!


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March 26, 2020


Albert Street
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Beach Hop coming to Whitianga!

What to Expect

Beach Hop is coming to Whitianga for the Repco Beach Party.  Don't miss the great vibe when hundreds of classic cars are expected to come into the town centre to park up - and you're invited for the special viewing and free entertainment!  

Classic cars will bring a vibe of the 50's and 60's into Whitianga which is not to miss!

Beach Hop Whitianga - A Great Day Of Cars & Entertainment

Come along to see hundreds of great classic cars parked up on display to view.  There will also be plenty of entertainment for the day that is currently being planned.  Last years events  included:
  • Car park up display in and around Albert Street and Taylors Mistake
  • Drag race
  • Sponsor displays
  • Games and competitions
  • Spot prizes!
  • Bands.

Repco Beach Party Whitianga Locations 

(approx times & subject to change )
  • 9.30am: Cars leave Whangamata
  • 10.40am: Cars to assemble in Whitianga - Buffalo Beach 
  • 11am: Parade along Esplanade and park up
  • Noon- 3pm: Car park up, display and entertainment - Albert Street - (Lee Street to Monk Street), Taylors Mistake and part of Blacksmith Lane to the Esplanade (up to Monk Street).
Repco Beach Hop 2020
Repco Beach Hop runs from 25th March through to the 29th March.  Please see the Beach Hop website for more details about all Beach Hop events scheduled throughout the week in the Coromandel Peninsula.


Beach Hop - Chev vs Ford Drag Race planned!
Beach Hop Whitianga
Beach Hop Whitianga pre event then to Whangamata
Beach Hop promo vehicle
Beach Hop Whitianga
Beach Hop Whitianga
Beach Hop Whitianga
Beach Hop Whitianga
Beach Hop Whitianga
Beach Hop Whitianga
Beach Hop Whitianga
Beach Hop Whitianga
Beach Hop Whitianga
Beach Hop Whitianga
Beach Hop Whitianga Plymouth Fury
Beach Hop Whitianga
beach hop panarama Whitianga 2018


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