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Mercury Bay Radiology X-Ray Services


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18 Coghill St
New Zealand 3510

Business Hours

Monday 8.45am - 2.15pm
Tuesday 8.45am - 2.15pm
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 8.45am- 2.15pm
Friday 8.45am - 2.15pm
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The team at the Mercury Bay Community Radiology & Health Trust facility can x-ray your arms, legs, back and provide ultrasounds for the doctors right here in Whitianga.

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Our whitianga X-Ray Services

Please contact our X-Ray facility to enquire what we can assist you with. We prefer you to make an appointment, a referral from an appropriate practitioner is a legal requirement. Please be patient if you leave a message. We will return your call as soon as possible.

Call our team to confirm referral details from your doctor, and to arrange your appointment time. 
  • Ultrasound - available 1-2 times a month
Receiving Your X-Ray Results
Results take up to 5 days for non-urgent  (although this is often quicker) and 1hr for urgent results.  All the medical practices prefer if you wait to be contacted for your results unless they have told you otherwise.

Please note we cannot do steroid injections at the facility.

For Urgent Services
  • For urgent ultrasounds we encourage people to book with Hamilton Radiology in Morrinsville, their number is 07 8394909.
  • Urgent x-rays can be done at Thames Hospital.

Our Charges and X-Ray Fees
  • ACC x-ray's have a $30 surcharge
  • ACC Ultrasound have $45 surcharge
  • Private X-ray is $120 plus $30 for extra views
  • Private Ultrasound is $200
  • Pregnancy ultrasound surcharge is $45
  • Primary referral from GP via the Waikato DHB is no charge
Southern Cross Affiliated Provider
We are an Affiliated Provider with Southern Cross, please bring your policy or card number with you and let us know before you pay.

Information About The Referral Process
Referrals made to the District Health Board for public funding come to our team from the DHB after they have been approved by a Radiologist. This can take up to a week for x-rays and up to a month (or more) for ultrasound referrals. We prefer it if you wait for us to contact you when we receive your request form, it avoids confusion. 

Not all ultrasound requests to the DHB will be done in Whitianga, some will be done in Thames Hospital or Waikato Hospital. This is to make sure the waiting list requirements for urgent and non urgent requests are met. Please note that as a result we cannot guarantee that your ultrasound will be outsourced to our facility in Whitianga. If you do not want to wait,  you can pay $200 and have it privately in Whitianga.

Images taken here are available for Referrers around Waikato, BOP and Auckland on the Hamilton Radiology Inteleviewer system. If you are seeing a specialist who has access to this system you do not need a CD of you images.
CD's are available for $25

If you need to fax, our fax number is 07 866 5976.

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