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John Wright - Principal
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20 South Highway
New Zealand 3510
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Mercury Bay Area School is a Year 1-13 rural, co-educational multi-level state area school with a roll of over 1000 students. The guiding statement for the school is "Student centred learning and achievement - students first".

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The school caters for students in primary, middle and secondary years and welcomes international students from around the world. 

Mercury Bay Area School has established five key values within the school which form part of the overall learning community:

Treating all within and beyond our learning community in the way that we would like to be treated ourselves; being courteous and inclusive; friendly, kind and helpful.

Knowing how to be an active learner; engaging in learning; formulating and realising individual and group goals.

Being part of a team; working and learning cooperatively through positive learning relationships.

Overtly showing respect to all; respect of self, respect for others, and respect of our environment.

Being a positive role model; showing integrity; Being resourceful, reliant an resilient; being and expressing oneself positively; being recognised and being proud to be in the MBAS learning community.

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