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Mark Urlich
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Specialist in Stone Masonry
Inside stone fireplace by Mark Urlich Landscaping & Siteworks

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Mark Urlich Garden Landscaping & Stonemasons is a multi-talented company with experience in all aspects of hard and soft landscaping for residential and commercial properties. Call Mark for a free quote today!

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landscaping & Stonework services throughout the coromandel

My team uses informal and formal designs to shape and enhance landscape creations for my clients.  I cover all aspects of landscaping and stonework and am available to assist with projects in Whitianga and throughout the Coromandel Peninsula. 

Quality comes naturally if you take pride in your work and that's what we do best. If you are happy, we're happy, and as such we're always striving to be the best with a smile. Quality lasts, small talk doesn't :) 

Please contact me to discuss your landscaping and stonework needs - I can assist to plan a design with you, or work with your existing landscape plan. 

Mark Urlich garden Landscaping Services Whitianga

I can assist with a range of projects from easy care garden landscapes - to more detailed garden landscape creations.  Please click onto my Facebook icon at the bottom of this page to see more photos of my work. 
  • Paving,paving stones
  • Block work and Brick work
  • Feature boulders,rocks,big and small
  • Gardens
  • Garden Boxes and Garden Features
  • Lawns and Garden Edging.

Mark Urlich Stonework Services

I provide a range of stonemasonry services for internal and external building renovations, Whitianga Waterways stone walls and boa tramps. I also have a very creative mind for any type of stone sculptures or mosiacs, which is a passion of mine. Check out the stone sculpture behind the new mobil service station on the waterways!
  • Stone walls
  • Stone sculptures,mosaics
  • Stone paving,edging
  • Garden feature rocks
  • Lightweight stone vaneers
  • Outdoor and Indoor fireplaces
  • Stone chimneys
  • Pizza ovens
  • Water Features
  • Retainers
  • Gabion baskets - stone cages.

Landscaping Site-works and Digging Equipment

I have digging equipment available to assist with sitework preparation.
  • 1.5 - 8 tonne diggers
Deal straight with an experienced landscaper and save money and time - contact Mark directly .

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Excellent Result Thanks
(Updated: September 25, 2019)
Mark and his team provided an excellent result on our stonewall which spans across the front of our property and curves up our pathway through the garden. Mark proved he had the technical knowledge and expertise to achieve the look we were after. Highly recommended. 
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