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Whitianga Tides

Whitianga Boat Ramp

WHITIANGA Lat. 36° 50' S Long. 175° 42' E

Download and print the Whitianga Tides PDF file for local Whitianga tide times, Whitianga fishing tides, checking the best tide times for launching and retrieving your boat at Whitianga boat ramps, entering or leaving the Whitianga Marina or Whitianga Waterways, surfing local Coromandel beaches, and best low tide times for digging a hot pool at Hot Water Beach.

Our Whitianga Tide download file include Whitianga high and low tide times as well as the high tide heights and low tide heights for the entire year!

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Whitianga Tides 2020

Whitianga Tides 2021

Whitianga Tides 2022

All About Whitianga
 Coromandel, NZ

All About Whitianga

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