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  • Mon 7:00 am - 7:00 pm Open now
  • Tue 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wed 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
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Summer operational hours – our team operate daily from the Esplanade, but charters are subject to weather conditions.

Winter operational hours – charters subject to weather conditions and available for pre-booked small private charters. Contact us to book your private tour (maximum of 8 people) and we will get back to you on the same day to discuss your needs.
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Explore the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula and see the world famous Cathedral Cove, stunning beaches, sea caves, local wildlife and more! Join our experienced jet ski tour guides for a day on the water filled with fun and adventure!  

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Whitianga and Mercury Bay highlights – water tours 

Enjoy a fully guided tour with our team on one of our top of the line Yamaha 4 stroke jet skis. Our jet skis allow us to get you up close and personal to experience the breathtaking scenery and marine life on the water in the Mercury Bay.

If you are looking for a fun thing to do come and join our friendly team for a memorable day out on the water. We can tailor our guided tours to suit your needs and timeframe. Some of our highlights include:

  • Cathedral Cove
  • Whanganui A Hei (Cathedral Cove) Marine Reserve
  • Local sea caves
  • Local wildlife (seasonal)- dolphins, whales, seals, fish, birds
  • Discover Coromandel Peninsula beaches that are only accessible by boat.  

We're ready to take you to all the best beaches, caves, blowholes and marine reserves the Coromandel Peninsula has to offer!

Guided Whitianga Jet Ski Tours – customised to your needs

  • Qualified tour guides to show you all the best local highlights
  • Individual and group tours are available
  • Maximum of 2 people per jet ski
  • Minimum driver age is 16 years old
  • Enjoy swimming and snorkelling (snorkel provided)
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult 
  • Safety briefing and jet ski instruction is provided prior to tour
  • Some valuables can be stored in the water resistant jet ski glove box
  • Safety gear and life jackets supplied.

Your choice of tours - from $99

We have a range of jet ski sightseeing tours that you can book to suit your time frame, budget, group size and level of experience on the water.  Our tours start from Buffalo Beach, Whitianga.

  • Half hour to three hour tours
  • Sunrise and sunset tours available
  • Evening wind down tours
  • Customised to your needs.

First time on a Jet Ski?

Not a problem! You can ride tandem with your guide.  Alternatively your guide will provide you with all the skills to drive the jet ski yourself. 

Come and join us for a fun filled adventure on the water - book a Whitianga JetSki tour now its a blast!

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Had the opportunity to do this 2 hour adventure. Stunning , breathtaking, awesome,WOW you name it it had all the ingredients for the best adventure. Growing up in NZ and living in Australia i forgot how beautiful thus country is cheers Dan
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Half pie experience
We booked weeks in advance for a friends birthday. She had to keep messaging them to get a reply about weither or not it was going ahead and we didn't hear until 30 minutes before we were supposed to start the 3 hour trip. During this our guide kept getting so far ahead of us and showing little to no interest in even wanting to be there, he was constantly waiting for the group to catch up. At one point he we had one of the ski's that had seaweed stuck in it and no guide around. It took them 10-15 minutes to catch up to us which we had to jump off our ski and get under it to get the weed out and we were half way between the twins and were the marine reserve starts and the guide again was no where to be seen. We did not feel safe during this part of the experience. The guide who was with one of the 3 couples then proceeded to keep asking what we wanted to do next and where we wanted to go next. We were paying $300.00 for this experience. We then got back to the wharf and no mention of snorkelling and the guide advised we would get $100 back per couple due to not completing all of the sights and no snorkelling and then this was not honoured and it has been a backwards and forwards battle to get anything back. I understand that from there point of view $100.00 is alot but meet the customer in the middle with $50.00 per couple . With coming out of a covid filled year of ups and downs you would think they would be a bit more organised with the activities and honour what they said they would. 4/10 experience sadly. Great business opportunity a shame these things let it down.
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They could improve their service
I booked an one hour Jetski ride two months in advance as a gift to my husband on our anniversary day. First they called me because they mistake the month, secondly on the actual date they emailed early in the morning asking to change for the next day. They didn’t try to offer any incentive to us change the date. After receiving the email I replied to it in the next 10 minutes and they don’t even bother to reply back. We drive to the place in the morning because without the reply we were not sure if it would happen or not, we ended up calling to know if we could still do it at the time and date that was agreed. In the end we could but there was a lot of unnecessary stress about having booked and paid in advance to guarantee the booking and they make it so inconvenient even that it was not a technical or weather complication. If one hour jetski ride is so inconvenient why even offer it on the first place. You can see that they prioritize the 3 hours rides.
There was 8 emails sent from 9 January to try to book to 19 February. They should make the process easier, they said after I payed they would send the address and they didn’t, I had to ask for it and they just said I will contact you later, why email someone to say that they will message or call you later, just say the information that I was asking. The whole process was very slow and the email on the actual date to change it was the last frustration about it. The Jetski ride was nice. We waited a time to it start 30 minutes and during that was lots of stopping and time practicing ride the jetski because they go with you all the way...you can not drive free by yourself. 5/10

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Fantastic Tour!
We went on the 3 hour trip (both go for the price of one jet ski). 9am start which worked in well as the water was warm for the snorkeling. Fantastic tour - really recommend doing this-amazing to get inside the caves and have a great look at the coastline (even if you have seen it from a boat). Beautiful part of the countryside and you get to play on the way back. One of the must do trips in Whitianga - lots of fun. Take your camera as there is a safe place to store it.
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Great Fun
Great fun and very well run, highly recommended!
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Was The Coolest Thing Ever To Do
Went on a 1 hr trip to Cathedral Cove today with my husband and our 3 year old. Was the coolest thing ever to do. Our little boy had the best time ever, he loved it. Highly recommend to all and look forward to booking again next time we are in Whitianga. Thank you to the amazing staff.

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Fabulous Time Out On The Water With These Awesome Guides
(Updated: August 22, 2019)
My husband and I had a fabulous time out on the water with these awesome guides.  We were first timers on the jet ski and totally loved it.  Will be back for more, and
recommending to our friends and family. Thanks guys 

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Couldn’t Keep The Smile Off My Face!
Couldn’t keep the smile off my face! This coastline is stunning, and no better way to see it than on a JetSki! Professionally run with awesome guides, we had 3 hours of adventure and fun! Would absolutely do it again! Highly recommend. :)  cheers Dean & the team!

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An Amazing Experience For The Whole Family
An amazing experience for the whole family. Great way to see the Coromandel Coastline, Cathedral Cove, Stingray Bay and more, plus a bit of snorkling too. Would highly recommend to anyone.

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Fab Experience - Guides Tailor The Ride To Participants Ability
Fab experience. Knowledgeable and fun guides who tailor the ride to participants ability. Suitable for all abilities all you need is a sense of adventure. See parts of Whitianga only accessible from the water but most of all you'll laugh and have an absolute blast! Thanks team.

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Must Do - Had A Blast
Totally loved the experience it's a must do had a blast can't wait to do it all again awesome owner thanks.

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