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Unfortunately I can't sell from my premises but you can ring anytime between 8am to 6pm as I'm usually working in my factory during the day.
Best way to place an order is via the website or by e-mail

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Mara Botanical Ltd

What to Expect

At Mara Botanical you get locally handmade shampoos, conditioners and herbal deodorants with strictly healthy ingredients only. High performing innovative recipes provide exceptional mildness for sensitive skin. No tears!
All products are carefully handcrafted with utmost care from biodegradable ingredients. No artificial preservatives or any other nasty chemicals.

Natural Hair & Body Care With Kombucha
By using Kombucha shampoo you can expect happier, healthier, shiny-soft hair.

The herbal deodorants are baking-soda free and 24-hour effective, subtly scented with mood-lifting essential oil blends that also boost your immune system.

Online Discount Offer
Order online and get a 10% discount with the promo-code WHITI
Gently pamper your sensitive skin and treat your hair with Mara Botanical, and enjoy these special products as you enjoy your own natural well-being.
With love ~ Mara



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Great Product - Totally Recomend
Over the uears I've used numerous deods. For the last few years many have irritated me. My go to was teatree roll on but this is so much superior!!  Totally recomend this.  Thanks for the effort :)

Peter Morrison
No Longer Red, Itchy, Or Irritated - It Smells Divine
Had no idea regular deodorant was the problem. All my adult life my arm pits have never been happy. Always itchy and irritated. 
 After using this deodorant for a few weeks now and I had no idea THIS is what my arm pits were supposed to be like. They're no longer red, itchy, or irritated... and I had no idea regular deodorant was the cause of that. I thought my arm pits were just sensitive!
What I really like about this natural deodorant is that it's in a tube form. Most come in paste form and feels yuck under the nails. 
 It also smells divine and keeps me fragrant all day. 

Stephani Lord-Harman
I Wake Up With My Hair Looking Like It's Been Styled!
My hair used to be frizzy and hard to control. I spent many years trying to find a shampoo that would tame my hair. I would go to hair dressers and try all the expensive products to no avail. Since using this Kombucha shampoo I wake up with my hair looking like it's been styled!!
 It's great for my son Corey too, because it doesn't sting in the eyes during washing. My whole family has noticed their hair getting thicker and shinier and I seem to have less gray.

The Dermatitis Cleared Up & Didn't Come Back!
I had terrible dermatitis on my scalp which I had for years. After one wash with the Kombucha shampoo and conditioner the dermatitis cleared up and didn't come back!


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