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Master Kebab Whitianga

What to Expect

Come and try our delicious Turkish food including kebabs, pita pockets, meats and salads for a meal packed full of value and flavour! Our team at Master Kebab Whitianga have a range of authentic Turkish meals on offer to delight your taste buds. 

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Delicious Kebabs in Whitianga

Master Kebab meals are packed full of flavour and great value for money!
  • Quick service from our friendly team
  • Takeaways (phone orders welcome)
  • Sit down in our restaurant area
  • Best fast food in Whitianga!

Takeaway Catering & Food Platters

Do you need catering for your special event or function in Whitianga? View our menu or contact our team to discuss your particular catering needs. We can cater for:
  • Groups of 5-10 people
  • Pick up catering only.
Looking for a restaurant, fast-food or takeaway in Whitianga - come and enjoy a meal at Mater Kebab Whitianga!


Master Kebab Menu Favourites

Prices for regular size, please ask about our large and combo options

Doner Kebab $10.00
Chicken, Lamb, Chicken & Lamb, Falafel (vegetarian)

Iskender (served on rice) $12.00
Chicken, Lamb, Chicken & Lamb, Falafel (vegetarian)

Meat with Chips $12.50
Chicken, Lamb, Chicken & Lamb, Falafel (vegetarian)

Salads $11.50
Chicken, Lamb, Chicken & Lamb, Falafel (vegetarian)

Lunch Specials and Meal Boxes

Lunch Special $13.00
Any regular Kebab, small fries, 355ml drink from Pepsi range

Kebab Box $9.00
Meat served on fries with 2 sauces

Salad Box $9.00
Meat served on salad with 2 sauces

Kids Menu (served on rice) $9.00
Chicken, Lamb, Chicken & Lamb, Falafel (vegetarian)

Pita Pocket $9.00
Your choice of meat of falafel


Extra meat $3.50

Falafel $1.50

Hummus & Pita $5.00

Extra Pita $1.00

Cheese $1.00

Hot Chips $4.50


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    Download our menu to see our delicious menu choices. Phone orders are welcome!
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Tasty Kebabs
Really nice and tasty kebabs.

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Excellent falafel - Best Falafel Kebab
Excellent falafel. Best Falafel Kebab we’ve had in a long time. 
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Best Kebab
Best kebab I have ever had.
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