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What to Expect

Richardsons Real Estate has operated for over 50 years on the Coromandel Peninsula and Thames Valley.  Richardsons has full time professional real estate agents who focus solely on Whitianga. 

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Richardsons Real Estate has 10 real estate branches across the Coromandel region, including the Whitianga branch.  Our highly motivated real estate agents and team can help you to buy or sell your house or property in the Whitianga area:
  • Motivated performers - consistently maintained better than 50% of all recorded residential sales in our area for many years
  • Local professional agents - a benefit for you is that we are full time professional real estate agents who focus solely on Whitianga - most other companies salespeople spread themselves over a wider territory
  • Winning results - it is our goal to get the best results in the shortest time frame possible with the least disruption for you
  • Closing the deal - we are expert negotiators and by placing our expertise at your disposal we believe we can effectively negotiate the maximum return possible.

Our Trusted Local Real Estate Team

The Whitianga branch has been a major player in Mercury Bay since 1984.  No mean feat as many 'Big Players' in Real Estate have come and gone away when the going got tough over the past 25 years.  As an independent company, we focus totally on our own area to provide you with a level of service very hard to match.  

Offering A Personal Professional Real Estate Service

Working with us is like a family experience. We have a tight knit team of three quality marketing consultants, and we see our role today as providing the widest range of marketing tools available to our vendors, and work together to design a marketing package tailored to make the biggest possible splash in the buyer pool for your listing.

We believe with conviction we have the best people, the best systems and tools available in the digital age to provide all facets of property marketing and bring you the best offers available in whatever market we are in.

Looking to buy a property, or to sell your house - contact our local Whitianga team today!


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Abby Lawrence - Professional, Organised & Enthusiastic
I first met Abby when she was the listed agent for a house we wanted to view. Despite living in the same town, our paths had never crossed before. Abby is a breath of fresh air!

Professional, organised, enthusiastic and obviously passionate about her work. She has an eye for detail and is a gifted listener. She completely understands that she is helping make dreams come true and is focused and attentive at all times.

As we needed to sell our property in order to buy the one we viewed with Abby, it made perfect sense for us to list with Abby and The Richardsons Whitianga team. An appraisal was completed, photos taken, listing details sorted and our property advertised, all within 10 days.

Abby kept in touch throughout the entire process, both getting an offer presented for us to purchase the house we wanted, and taking us through the auction procedure and subsequent follow-ups with interested bidders for our property.

Nothing was too much trouble. Viewings were managed by Abby, or other team members when she was not available, and feedback was given in super-quick time frames.

We are so grateful for Abby’s dedication and professionalism and we would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to buy or sell property.

Abby, and the team at Richardsons Whitianga are a pleasure to deal with and we sincerely thank them for their time and efforts in getting us such a fantastic end result.
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Peter Neumark-Payne - Attentive, Courteous & Personable
We would like to say it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Pete during the recent sale of our apartment in Whitianga. From the time we walked through their office door, to completion of the sale Pete was attentive, courteous and personable. A true gentleman, we would recommend him to anyone thinking of selling or buying a property.

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Peter Neumark-Payne - Pete Will Be My First Call
I have known Peter for the last 15 years and any dealing I have had with him over the years have always been fair and honest.
As a local business owner and employer, he always had loyalty from his staff who enjoyed working for him based on trust and fairness, which created a pleasant work environment even in stressful times.
Pete’s ability to listen and discuss situations and problems and provide consistency are certainly strengths he has, and am sure he will take in to his new venture.
If I am ever looking to buy or sell a property in our local area, Pete will be my first call.

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Thanks Abby -You Assisted Both Parties To Come To A Great Conclusion
(Updated: July 29, 2019)
Thanks Abby for your help in selling our property in Whitianga. Your endless enthusiasm and hard work are much appreciated. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone selling a property. And I am equally happy to recommend you to anyone buying as I think you assisted both parties to come to a great conclusion. Good luck for the future.

Happy vendor of a Bach in Whitianga.
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John Hunt - Professional & Effective Salesperson
(Updated: July 29, 2019)
John is a professional and effective salesperson and representative of his company and of his vendor. The next time we want to buy or sell property, we would certainly engage Richardson's to help us.

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Nothing Was Too Much Trouble
We were very happy with the wonderful professionalism shown by Peter Lawrence. Nothing was too much trouble. We were kept informed at all times, and best of all, he secured a quick and uneventful sale, and a good price! Many thanks Peter! 

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Abby Lawrence -Never Been More Impressed With An Agent
We have dealt with many agents over the years and we have never been more impressed with an agent than we have been with Abby.  She was totally professional, switched on to our needs, obliging and always quick to answer our queries.  Being from out of town, we think we would still be searching for a property if it wasn’t for Abby’s amazing help, enthusiasm and determination.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. 

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