Mercury Bay Athletics Club Looks Forward to Start of New Season
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Mercury Bay Athletics Club Looks Forward to Start of New Season

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Junior runners from Mercury Bay Athletics Club

The Mercury Bay Athletics Club had such a positive response to last years athletics season that it has extended its programme to older age groups for the much anticipated start of its second season and muster in September. 

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 The Athletics club has built on the success of last year and will be offering a continuation of the Junior programme 3-7 years, and a new Senior programme for ages 10-18 years. 

Second Season to Build on the Success of last year

In 2020 the Junior Programme will focus on the Athletics New Zealand "Run, jump, throw, get, set and go" skills programme. The Senior programme will provide training in core athletics skills including track, long jump, high jump, discus and shot put, and opportunities for competition. The aim of the club is to build confidence, skills and experience in a range of athletic activities and techniques. 

The club will continue to build on its partnerships with sports bodies such as Sports Waikato, Athletics New Zealand and Athletics Waikato BOP, local Council, performance coaches and track and field designers to further its goals.

Mercury Bay Athletics Club muster 2020

The club muster will be held September 15 and all interested children and families are invited to attend. Contact the Mercury Bay Athletics Club for more details about registration and the muster. 

Mercury Bay Athletics can’t wait to build on our first season which saw so many young athletes participating from our community. We cannot thank the community enough for believing in a start up club. We started as a few Mums wanting to do something for their town and their family, to what is a formal club, that we are so proud of.

Alana Baker, President Mercury Bay Athletics Club

Successes of the first season

In 2019 the clubs initial plan was to start small in its first season and then expand the programme over 12 months. However the club was quickly overwhelmed when 147 registrations were made in 2019 for the Juniors programme.  As a result, the club had to quickly cap the registration numbers in order to manage the programme over its first season.

While the club experienced an unexpected end to the athletics season with the May COVID-19 Lockdown Level 4, the club was able to undertake 11 club nights totalling 66 stations. 

Volunteers and Donations Core to success of the Athletics Programme

A core group of 20 volunteers worked with the committee to deliver athletic activities for children aged 3-9 last season. Over 100 parents and guardians were also involved in attending and engaging in athletic training with the children each week.

Combined donations of $5000 from local businesses also allowed the club to buy junior equipment and some for the seniors.

Want to Volunteer with the club?

The upcoming Mercury Bay Athletics season is planning to be extremely positive. To help grow the club and to extend the programme to the older age groups more volunteers will be needed. Please contact the Committee Members of the club for more information.  

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