Final house headliner act announced for Coro Classic Music Festival 2024
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Final house headliner act announced for Coro Classic Music Festival 2024

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SET MO band
Coro Classic Music Festival organisers are excited to announce their final house headliner act, SET MO. The Aussie dance music icons are returning to New Zealand for one show only this summer – at The Coro Classic! The festival offers a diverse selection of stellar musical talents set to perform on stage at Matarangi on 6 January next year. Read more about the acts and how to get tickets.

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With over 80 percent of tickets already sold festival organisers are encouraging the public to get tickets early to avoid disappointment. Final release tickets will be on sale shortly. 

We can’t wait to get our artists on stage in front of festival goers in this beautiful Coromandel location. The Coro Classic is the perfect opportunity to dance away the New Year's dust and enjoy a great afternoon and evening of music in Matarangi this summer!

– Kurt Barker and James Bristow, event organisers Nexgen Touring


Seventeen awesome acts will be joining SET MO at the Coro Classic festival. The diverse range of music genres on offer to concert goers include:


These Aussie dance music icons performed at the Spark Arena in Auckland at the Fatboy Slim concert earlier this year. They recently released their sophomore album "Flux" which they describe as an album about change; how it affects us, how often we have no control or say in shifts in our lives but how we do have control over how we respond to it.

Sublime with Rome

Sublime with Rome, a renowned American band, combines reggae, punk rock, and alternative rock, offering a unique blend of genres that's perfect for beachside vibes. Sublime with Rome's music has been a source of inspiration for many, making them a vital part of the alternative rock scene.


Coterie brings an indie-pop sound with a touch of electronic influence, creating an infectious and melodic music style. These brothers with their fresh approach to music has earned them a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.


Alcemist, a dynamic DJ and producer, specialises in electronic dance music, promising a high-energy set. Alcemist's innovative approach to EDM has earned him recognition in the international electronic music scene.

Babe Rainbow

Babe Rainbow's music embodies a mix of psychedelic rock and folk, offering a mesmerizing and nostalgic sound. Their dreamy and whimsical music has garnered a cult following and critical acclaim.

No Cigar 

No Cigar's genre is a fusion of alternative rock and groovy guitars. known for their dynamic live shows, they have grown a loyal and enthusiastic fan following.

Eden Burns

Eden Burns is known for his captivating blend of indie rock and alternative sounds, creating a dynamic and passionate musical journey. His emotionally charged performances resonate deeply with his audience.

The Butlers

The Butlers bring a touch of soul, jazz, and funk to their music, delivering a groovy and infectious vibe. Their smooth, soulful sound is a testament to the enduring appeal of classic genres.

Beccie B

Beccie B is a versatile artist who can seamlessly navigate various styles, offering an eclectic and captivating performance. Beccie B's ability to traverse musical boundaries sets her apart as a true musical chameleon.

Cassie Henderson

Cassie Henderson's genre is a fusion of folk and indie pop, creating an intimate and heartfelt musical experience. Her deeply personal songwriting has resonated with audiences seeking genuine and relatable lyrics.


HarrisonJupe delivers a mix of disco, house, funk, and nu-disco. Their infectious tunes have earned them a dedicated following.

Sammy W

Sammy W brings a powerful drum and bass style that is bound to get the crowd moving. Her exhilarating beats have made her a sought-after name in the electronic music scene.

Matty & Buttermilk

Matty & Buttermilk explore the realms of house and electronic music, delivering an exhilarating and immersive sonic journey. Their collaborative DJ sets are known for their captivating fusion of electronic sub-genres.


Lucy's is a up and coming New Zealand house DJ. 

Frank on Tap

Frank on Tap's music combines elements of rock and funk, offering a lively and groovy sound. Their infectious rhythms and melodies ensure an unforgettable live performance.

Matt Rapid

Matt Rapid specialises in drum and bass, delivering high-energy beats that are perfect for dance enthusiasts. His mastery of the drum and bass genre has earned him recognition in the electronic music scene.

DJ Sunray

DJ Sunray (from Whitianga!) brings a dynamic mix of electronic dance music, promising a pulsating and unforgettable set. Herelectrifying DJ performances have made her a popular name in the EDM world.


A limited number of final release tickets for the 2024 Coro Classic Music Festival are on sale. Festival organisers encourage you not to miss your chance to secure your spot at this unforgettable coastal music celebration!

Ticket sales and bus information is available online to ages 18+ through the Coro Classic website.

  • First release – sold out
  • Second release – sold out
  • Third release on sale now - sold out
  • Final release– on sale now. 


Click on the related link below or go to the All About Whitianga concert and gigs guide for more about the Coro Classic music festival including bus information. Explore All About Whitianga for accommodation, transport and restaurant options and more. 

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