Kerbside Refuse and Recycling Collection Changes – Covid 19 coronavirus

Kerbside Refuse and Recycling Collection Changes – Covid 19 coronavirus

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Starting from next week, Monday 30 March, your Kerbside refuse collection will need to be placed in your recycling wheelie bin and will be collected fortnightly.

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Because we’re in a National State of Emergency due to the COVID-19 Alert Level 4, TCDC is now following directives from central government and Civil Defence that radically change the way they deliver services to Mercury Bay residents.

New fortnightly rubbish collections in whitianga

The fortnightly collection will be on your normal recycling day in your normal recycling week. Starting from Monday 30 March is Week 2 in the fortnightly rubbish collection schedule. Check your wheelie bin's address sticker to understand your collection week. The number next to your collection day, e.g. Tue1 is your recycling week - Week 1 in this example. 

what do I do differently with my rubbish?

To minimise human contact and the spread of Covid 19 coronavirus, all rubbish and recycling must be bagged and placed in your recycling wheelie bin and will be collected using low touch collection methods (mainly side lifters). This is particularly important if your bin falls over, in which case by bagging all waste and recycling, it will be contained and more easily dealt with. Unfortunately the collectors are not able to pick up spilled rubbish or overturned bins during this time, the resident is responsible for cleaning spilt rubbish.

The council realises that people might not be able to get the official blue bags, so black bin bags or similar are being accepted. And a friendly reminder when you do your shopping, to stock up on blue bags and black bags.

We realise this is not ideal, but these are not ideal times and we have to do our best together to make this as safe as possible, not just for households, but also our people out there collecting rubbish and recycling, says Bruce Hinson our Council’s Operations Group Manager.

Rubbish or recycling not in a closed recycling wheelie bin and put out on time, before 7:30am on collection day, will not be collected and will be treated as illegal dumping.

Visit TCDC for more information and further updates. 



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