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TCDC Kerbside Collection Changes

Kerbside rubbish collections set to resume with a major change

With the move to COVID-19 Alert Level 2 the Thames Coromandel District Council will resume full Kerbside rubbish and recycling collections on the 18 May, with one major change.

When regular collections resume  Council will accept blue Council bags, recycling in wheelie bins and glass in crates. However, Council will only take plastic types 1 and 2 in kerbside wheelie bins and at Council Refuse Transfer Stations for recycling. Any plastic types numbered 3-7 in a recycling triangle will now need to go into the blue rubbish bag.

Timetable to transition to full kerbside collections for the Mercury Bay

Over the next eight weeks the Council will be transitioning to the full rubbish kerbside collection service as follows: 

  • Weeks 18 & 25 May - kerbside collections for recycling in wheelie bins, glass in crates, blue bag rubbish (note the recycling sorting centre is still coming back to full operation so wheelie bin recycling will be disposed of as refuse and glass will be recycled)
  • Weeks 1 & 8 June - kerbside collections as above but change to only plastic types 1 & 2, tins, paper and cardboard to go in wheelie bins. Plastic types 3-7 now to go in blue rubbish bag.
  • Weeks 15 & 22 June - kerbside as above going forward.

More information about Council rubbish collections and the reasons behind the change to recycling of plastic types go to the Council kerbside collections.

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