New Chum Beach headland saved from development

New Chum Beach headland saved from development

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New Chum Beach aerial view

The northern headland of New Chum Beach in Wainuiototo Bay has been purchased by a collaboration of groups supporting a bid by the “New Zealand Coastal Trust”, and will remain undeveloped.

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The 30ha property was sold by tender by Colliers on behalf of receivers appointed by the Bank of New Zealand after the former owner defaulted on a mortgage.

This is a great day for all who love this wonderful, beautiful and iconic place. In under four weeks we have managed to raise the funds to purchase the 30ha of the northern headland at New Chum/ Wainuiototo and protect it forever. We cannot thank enough the many people across the country and overseas, who contributed.

Linda Cholmondeley Smith – Preserve New Chum for Everyone Inc. 

Huge public support

There was significant public support to purchase the iconic headland. This included a call for donations via a Give A Little page, support from partner groups and the local community, and Preserve New Chum for Everyone Inc which resulted in the ability to be able to back an unconditional offer of $2.15 million bid made by the New Zealand Coastal Trust, which is a registered charity.

Preserve New Chum for Everyone Inc.

Preserve New Chum for Everyone Inc. has been working since 2010 to protect the beach landscape but this headland purchase could not have happened without the combined efforts of several groups. 
Preserve New Chum for Everyone Inc. has expressed that thanks go out to the Whangapoua Ratepayers Association, manu whenua, the Environmental Defense Society (where CEO Gary Taylor provided essential leadership in coordinating the bid at a national level) and to those who financially supported in the background. They would also like to acknowledge the late Peter Tiki Johnston Sr Ngati Hei, Kaumatua, a founding member and driving force of Preserve New Chum for Everyone Inc, and who held the vision that Wainuiototo should be preserved for every New Zealander to enjoy.

New Chum headland governance structure 

In the New Year the groups involved with the successful bid will establish the governance and management structure of the headland. 

More donations required to preserve New Chum

Preserve New Chum for Everyone Inc wish to thank everyone for their donations – every donation contributed to the purchase of the headland. However, the group says that the challenges are not over. Additional donations are still required to fulfil current commitments,  and the group have yet to secure the land behind New Chum Beach, which is still under threat from development. 


New Chum Beach headland saved from development

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