Whitianga Residents and Ratepayers Association Launches Community Survey
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Whitianga Residents and Ratepayers Association Launches Community Survey

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The Whitianga Residents and Ratepayers Association Inc. (WRRA) is excited to announce the launch of a community survey aimed at understanding the most pressing issues facing the local community. The survey is open until 5 December 2023 and members of the public who take part in this simple two minute survey will be in the draw to win a food hamper.  

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The voice of the community matters, and the WRRA have created the survey as an opportunity for both residents and ratepayers to guide the association's advocacy efforts for a better, more empowered Whitianga.

A Survey to Understand Community Concerns

Launching on Wednesday, November 22nd, this two-week survey will be accessible through various channels for everyones convenience. 

Community concerns and major issues are important to Whitianga Residents and Ratepayers Association as they guide our elected committee members in setting priorities and directing us to where we should concentrate our efforts.

Richard Shelford-Woodcock – Chairperson of Whitianga Residents and Ratepayers Association.

The survey seeks to identify the top concerns and issues faced by residents and ratepayers within the associations region which spans from Harbour Lights Drive in the north to Coroglen in the south. Answers made by each person that completes the survey will help to shape the priorities and focus areas for the association's initiatives and advocacy work into the future.

How to complete the survey 

Participation in this survey is vital in shaping the future of Whitianga. The association is asking that participants complete the questionnaire before the survey closes at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, December 5th, 2023.

The survey consists of 11 concise questions designed to gauge the community's priorities. By participating, participants contribute to defining the top five concerns or issues. As a token of appreciation for the valuable input, participants will enter a draw to win a food hamper.

You can complete the survey in the following ways: 

  • Online survey – please note the survey has now finished  
  • Printed survey forms – if you prefer a hard copy, drop by The Informer office at 14 Monk Street.

How completing the survey will help 

The insights gathered from this survey will empower WRRA to represent the community effectively in discussions with the Thames-Coromandel District Council and other agencies. The association aims to contribute significantly to our community's betterment and advance the interests of residents and ratepayers.

Become a Whitianga Residents and Ratepayers Association Member

The Whitianga Residents and Ratepayers Association is dedicated to advocating for the concerns and needs of our local community. With a committed committee and a growing membership, WRRA actively engages in various activities to promote the interests of Whitianga residents and ratepayers.

Membership with WRRA offers a multitude of benefits, including access to crucial information through a monthly newsletter, representation in council and community meetings, research contributions, and collaboration with like-minded organisations like GreyPower Mercury Bay.

For those interested in becoming members, the annual membership fee is $25 per couple and $15 for a single membership. See the WRRA community page for more details of how to join.

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