Free solar for Tairua Surf Life Saving Club
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Free solar for Tairua Surf Life Saving Club

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Free solar for Tairua Surf Life Saving Club

Tairua Surf Lifesaving Club is ‘thrilled’ to announce a new partnership with SolarZero, helping them to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on their power bills.

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As part of this partnership, SolarZero has generously donated a free SolarZero subscription to the Tairua Surf Lifesaving Club.

Club Chairperson Betsie Warner said the partnership with SolarZero would give the club access to state-of-the-art solar panels and energy storage technology to harness the sun's power to provide clean, renewable energy to the clubhouse.

Tairua Surf Lifesaving Club is able to do our part to reduce our impact on the environment by using clean energy, but we will also be able to save money on our ongoing power bills. It will also allow us to allocate more of our resources towards our primary goal of keeping our beaches safe and protecting our community.

– Betsie Warner, Tairua Surf Lifesaving Club Chairperson.

Dan Pereira and Tairua Surf Life Saving representatives

Pictured above: Members from Tairua Surf Life Saving Club and the SolarZero team. Tairua Surf Life Saving Club has received free solar from SolarZero, allowing them to allocate more resources towards their primary goal of keeping local beaches safe and protecting the community.

Enabling a Community Hub

Enabling the club to become a community hub in difficult times and allow people to come together to recharge was a crucial driver in the sponsorship, said SolarZero local territory manager Daniel Pereira.

Tairua Surf Lifesaving Club not only provides life-saving training and care for the community, but they’ve also got a great facility perfectly located to make the most of solar and support the wider community. We wanted to support that going forward. Helping the club keep their ongoing energy costs down and move towards renewable energy so they can reallocate funds to their amazing programmes was a no-brainer for us.

– Daniel Pereira, SolaZero Territory Manager. 

Dan Pereira and Tairua Surf Life Saving team

Pictured above: Representatives from SolarZero and Tairua Surf Life Saving Club outside the Club house. 

Solar Sponsorship

The sponsorship includes using 16 solar panels kindly donated by JA Solar, 10.8 kW battery storage donated by Panasonic, and SolarZero providing installation, monitoring, contingency response backup power management and system optimisation to keep the power going during outages.

The batteries would enable the club to keep lights, Wi-Fi, radio, TV and selected appliances on to support the broader community during power outages.

With SolarZero covering its 20-year solar subscription fee, the club will only pay for additional energy needed from Ecotricity at solarZero membership rates.

We’re absolutely blown away by the generosity of SolarZero and their partners and can’t thank them enough.

– Betsie Warner

Tairua Surf Life Saving Club SolarZero panels

Pictured above: Tairua Surf Life Saving Club with the new solar panels installed on the rooftop. 

About SolarZero

As New Zealand’s number one solar provider, SolarZero has supplied over 11,000 homes nationwide with reliable, clean and affordable solar energy. 

The difference between SolarZero and other solar providers is their affordable subscription model, said Pereira, which he says works ‘similar to a Netflix subscription where you pay for content, not hardware.

“We provide a renewable energy subscription to enable people to purchase cheaper, cleaner energy, removing the need to buy and maintain a solar system.”

“The added benefit is SolarZero optimises the smart battery usage and preload batteries to be at 100% if there’s a planned outage or weather warning, and you get to choose which circuits to prioritise when running on battery power alone.”

“You also lower your energy costs and improve community resilience by using battery power during peak demand periods,” added Daniel.

“Thousands of Coromandel locals had no power during cyclone Gabrielle, so the more people who choose solar with battery storage, the more robust the local power network will become. There’s never been a better time to regain control of your energy.”

“As an added bonus for the club, for every person who becomes a SolarZero customer and uses the Tairua Surf Life Saving Club referral code MU9NVV, we will donate an additional $1,000 post installation to the club to continue their amazing work year-round,” said Daniel.

To learn more about ways you can power your home and community by the sun, head to SolarZero or click onto their listing page link below.    

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