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November 06, 2021 - 7:00pm
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November 06, 2021
All ages
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Piano, saxophone, ukelele

An Odd Collection is a musical performance by three Mercury Bay Area School students that will be live streamed from the Embassy of Friendship in Whitianga.

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How An Odd Collection came to be

The three very talented young musicians, Alban Ribet, Taiju Watanabe and Charli Mc Dougall are currently all students from Mercury Bay Area School in Whitianga. The group have a Level 3 NCEA assessment that needs to be completed. Part of the assessment is that their gig needs to be filmed. Due to the events of this year there has been limited opportunities for live gigs and so filming.

The students have decided to perform and film the show, at the same time they have chosen to live stream the performance.

Thanks to local, Steffen Lindner, for once again transforming his counselling and therapy services space into the 'Embassy of Friendship' for the performance.

What to expect?

As the name suggests, the performance will be an eclectic mix of people, instruments and music. There is likely to be a bit of something for everyone! Instruments include a piano, ukulele, saxophone, violin and a clarinet. With genres ranging from pop to jazz to classical. So tune in at 7pm(ish) on Saturday night and enjoy.

Embassy of Friendship venue

The Embassy of Friendship venue is located at 5 Coghill Street, Whitianga. If you have a service or event that promotes the health and well-being of the local community and you are looking for a space to use, consider using the Embassy of Friendship. Please contact Steffen Linder (link on this page) for more information about renting space and be part of the Embassy of Friendship user collective.

I understand music as a form of “soul talk” – an expression from the heart of the musician played for the heart and soul of the audience. My general counselling and therapy services supports my clients in their healing, emotional wellbeing and enables them to live a fulfilled and self-directed life again.

This concert aligns with this philosophy and work. Please warmly welcome to this soul talk – listen calmly with undivided attention and from your heart. Feel invited to enjoy this concert as an expression of life – and feel in current times of separation, sorrow and fear united in the music of this young musicians. – become part of the “Embassy of Friendship” – Thank you, Alban, Taiju and Charly for given us the opportunity and privilege to listen to you!

Embassy of Friendship - Steffen Lindner

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Inspiring event at a healing place in a challenging time
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