The Captain's Dinner

Ron Morgan

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  • Mercury Bay Club Inc
  • Mercury Bay Returned Service Association
July 31, 2015
Start Time
General Admission


69 Cook Drive


6pm onwards
captains dinner whitainga HMS Buffalo homecoming week

What to Expect

Join in at the Captain's Dinner at the Mercury Bay Club in Whitianga for a nautical night of festivities to commemorate the HMS Buffalo. There will be seafaring ballads and music to enjoy throughout the evening!
A great night of festivities is being planned for the Captain's Dinner at the Mercury Bay Club in Whitianga including:

Tickets $25 for a three course meal - contact the Mercury Bay Club for tickets and Ron Morgan at the Mercury Bay Museum if you would like to reserve a table booking.

- an ode to the HMS Buffalo
- seafaring ballads
- great local musician Stewart Pedley will be performing an origianal ballad
- the Whitianga Big Band will be entertaining through the evening and not to be missed
- Rissa Simpson will be singing
- a Song of the Buffalo has been produced!
- and much more!

This is sure to be a great night for the whole family - further details to be confirmed for this evening and will be updated shortly.


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