NZ International Film Festival Documentary - Song of the Kauri

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July 29, 2015
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Mercury Twin Cinemas, 1 Lee Street
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Tickets are available to purchase at the Mercury Bay Museum. Contact the Museum to purchase your tickets now. This is a fundraiser for the Museum and ticket price includes a free rolled ice cream. Due to the demand for tickets a second screening later in the evening has been arranged!

5.30pm session (SOLD OUT)
7.45pm session tickets available.
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What to Expect

Song of the Kauri has been selected for 9 International Film Festivals, won a prestigious award at the Accolade Film Festival in Hollywood and has screened over 500 times around the world. It is an incredible documentary film that will take you on a journey full of music, forestry and hand crafted instruments. Film director Mathurin Molgat will be attending for the evening to introduce the film "Song of the Kauri" - which challenges us to think can kauri become New Zealand's currency in the new world of green economics? Your ticket includes a free ice cream and is part of a fundraiser for the Mercury Bay Museum. Limited tickets available - preorder your tickets from the Mercury Bay Museum now!
Song of the Kauri - A documentary film by Mathurin Molgat. Poetic, political and timely, Song of the Kauri is a surprisingly frank and firmly grassroots documentary film that every New Zealander needs to see. Not to be missed this film has screened on the Rialto Film Channel (NZ), Honolulu Museum of Art Hawaii, and at International Film Festivals and throughout NZ.

Your ticket is a fundraiser for the Mercury Bay Museum and includes:
• Mercury Twin Cinemas
• A special introductory talk from documentary producer Mathurin Molgat
• A performance on the violin from the 'Song of the Kauri'
• A comfortable seat to watch the movie!
• A free rolled ice cream to enjoy!

"Simply wonderful film making...a beautifully realised piece of work" - Simon Morris, Radio NZ
"A practical ansswer to the challenge posed by An Inconvenient Truth" - Julian Grimmond, Emmy winning producer

More information about the film from the producers:
Kauri are New Zealand’s majestic and mythological native trees. They are deeply rooted in the cultural and economic history of New Zealand, yet were nearly eradicated by early settlers and questionable government policies.

Song of the Kauri explores the current perspectives and tensions surrounding sustainable planting of Kauri, and the latent economic and creative potential of our sleeping giants.

Northland local, and internationally renowned luthier Laurie Williams is one of a select few who works with this wonderful timber. His instruments resonate with the heart and soul of New Zealand. Laurie Williams guitars have been played in orchestras and symphonies, in stadiums and in solitude, their unique qualities attracting enormous world wide attention.

Featuring acclaimed musicians Jackson Browne, Nigel Gavin, Michael Chapdelaine, Tiki Taane and Miranda Adams alongside philosophers, economists, historians, scientists, professors and woodsmen, Song of the Kauri will entertain and anger, challenge and enchant.

Poetic, political, surprisingly frank and firmly grassroots, this film reveals a story which has remained hidden from the mainstream. It’s a documentary every New Zealander deserves to witness.


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