The Endeavour Ship Replica Visit - Tuia 250 Voyage Flotilla

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October 18, 2019
- October 22, 2019


Replica of Captain Cooks Ship The Endeavour under Sail - photograph by Ronen Zilberman

What to Expect

A fantastic chance to see a replica of Captain Cook's ship The Endeavour  and other voyaging vessels when the National Flotilla commemorating Tui 250 Encounters visits the Mercury Bay.  
As part of Captain Cook 250th Commemorations and the National Tuia Encounters.

Please follow the blue website link for more details from the event organisers. 

250 Voyage Flotilla Including The Replica Endeavour 

The Replica Ship of The Endeavour will be visiting Whitianga and the Mercury Bay.  A full flotilla of vessels includes:
  • HMB Endeavour replica from the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney
  • The Spirit of New Zealand from Tamaki Makaurau / Auckland
  • Waka hourua are Haunui from Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland
  • Ngahiraka Mai Tawhiti from Tauranga
  • Va’a moana is Fa’afaite i te Ao Mā’ohi and joins the Flotilla from Pape'ete, Tahiti. 
  • R. Tucker Thompson from Pēwhairangi / Bay of Islands. 

Times To View The Voyage 250 Flotilla

Friday 18th October

A marquee will be set up within Simpson's Campground for general public to view the flotilla arriving and departing
  • HMB Endeavour and the Fa’afaite (va'a)  will travel to Purangi (Cook’s Beach) from around 8am (for 2hrs estimated)
  • The rest of the fleet will anchor at the north end of Wharekaho and crews disembark
  • Endeavour and Fa’afaite will return to Wharekaho to join the rest of the fleet around 10.30am. 
  • Pōwhiri welcome at Wharekaho (numbers are limited)
  • Friday afternoon - waka and va'a moana sail along Wharekaho Bay to  Buffalo Beach and anchor near the Marina.
* Please follow the blue website link to see all details for these events - note there will be no parking and special free shuttle buses will be running. 

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October
  •  Waka and va'a moana anchored near Whitianga Marina - planned to be accessible to the public from land if weather permits
  • The HMB Endeavour replica, the Spirit of New Zealand and the R. Tucker Thompson will be moored in Mercury Bay and local tourist boat operators will offer cruises to view within 50m of the vessels
  • Late Sunday night Tuia 250 fleet will depart.

Key Messages from the event organisers for on-water Craft & Activities

1.       No public landing on or launching from Wharekaho Beach on Fri 18 Oct
2.       Exclusion zone in place at Wharekaho Beach dawn to dusk on Fri 18 Oct
3.       Exclusion zones in place around Tuia 250 Flotilla 18, 19, 20, 21 Oct
          a.     No watercraft within 100m of Flotilla while it is underway
          b.     No watercraft within 200m of Flotilla while it is at anchor
4.       No swimmers around Flotilla or spectator craft at all times
5.       5 knot limit (no wake) within harbour, inside 200m of shore and/or 50m of all                other watercraft.  Watercraft include jet skis, kayaks, paddleboards, dinghies and surfboards
6.       Power gives way to sail at all times; a motor/sailing vessel is regarded as under power
7.       Keep safe distance from other watercraft.  All vessels must adhere to Maritime NZ Rule 22 (Collision Prevention) and NZ Marine Safety rules at all times
8.       Plan ahead and exercise courtesy at boat ramps and on water
9.       Navigation lights on from dusk to dawn
10.   Download Tuia 250 On-Water Information Guide from Mercury 250 website before heading out onto water
11.   Check tides and weather before heading out.
As part of the Captain Cook 250th Anniversary Commemorations to celebrate his visit to the Mercury Bay in 1769.  The replica Endeavour will be in and around the Mercury Bay!

Please note that this event may be subject to change - please contact event organisers for further information. 


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Looking forward to the celebration of sailing in the Pacific With Pacific people And like minded sailors We will be bringing down Blaze A 20 meter Alan Warwick Sloop to observe this event Thanks Shane Taylor 
Looking Forward To Coming To Mercury Bay
Am absolutely looking forward to coming to Mercury Bay to join the events commemorating the arrival of this great man.
Look Forward To This Very Special Event
The flotilla should be a great sight. Looking forward to this very special event. 

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