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August 09, 2019


Solitude  arts on tour play Whitianga

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This Arts On Tour play is brought to you by Creative Mercury Bay and is set in 1913 where Annie enters the remote mountains of Kahurangi National Park to live a hidden life with her lover Henry Chaffey. 
Forty years in exile, swallowed by the silence, enslaved by the fire. This beautiful, touching true story is about Annie Chaffey’s love, loneliness, loss and laughter. An old story from a new perspective.

“When the Roaring Lion calls my Henry, I’m dreaming hours down to minutes…”

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Nominated for Best Actress, Best Solo Performance, Best Script and winner of best Music/Sound at the Nelson Fringe Festival.

“Solitude is storytelling at its finest. Writer, director and performer, Martine Baanvinger of DramaLab, is utterly compelling, humorous and breathtakingly honest as Annie. Not only is this an interesting New Zealand story but it is told by an expert in an incredibly imaginative and touching way.”
– Lisa Allen, Nelson Fringe Festival review.

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