Let's Talk Tuia Conversations - Cook's Time In Hauraki


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September 03, 2019


18 Coghill St
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Let's Talk Tuia Conversations - 12 Days in 1769

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You are invited to an evening conversation with specialist speakers for a discussion about what really went on when HMS Endeavour sailed into Te Whanganui o Hei, Mercury Bay in November 1769.
Entry is free - registration is essential at Whitianga Paper Plus or follow the website link.

3 September 2019  Talk - Dr Ahukaramu Charles Royal

What do we know about Cook's time in Hauraki? Why is he controversial to some Māori?
Speaker Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal
In this presentation, Charles Royal will discuss his desire to understand what happened during Cook's visit to Hauraki in 1769. He will present extracts from Cook's journal as well as that of Joseph Banks to demonstrate, from Cook's perspective at least, what actually took place. He will also touch on the well-known recollections of Te Hōreta Te Taniwha of Ngāti Whanaunga who, as a young boy, was in Whitianga during Cook's arrival and who's recollections were captured many years later. His recollections represent one of the very few eye witness accounts by Māori that exist. 
Charles will also discuss why Cook remains controversial in the eyes of some Māori. He will discuss the general lack of recognition and celebration of Polynesian ancestors who were similarly successful in crossing vast ocean distances and how Cook represents and is iconic of the European colonisation of Aotearoa that was to follow him. As Charles says "...although Cook’s personal conduct (and that of his crew) may or may not be called into question, the fact remains that Cook represents the ‘tip of the spear’ of European colonisation and expansion into the Pacific."
Dr Charles Royal belongs to the Hauraki iwi of Ngāti Whanaunga, Ngāti Maru and Ngāti Tamaterā. He is a composer, storyteller and researcher of indigenous knowledge. He was the editor of Taimoana Tūroa's book Te Takoto o te whenua o Hauraki: Hauraki Landmarks (Reed 2000) and his whānau have deep connections with the whānau of Te Hōreta Te Taniwha of Ngāti Whanaunga. Charles has been engaged by Creative Mercury Bay to compose new music for the Tuia 250 event which will take place at Whitianga on 18-20 October. 

Early October 2019 Talk - more details to come
Ngāti Hei Kuia Kōrero – Raukawa Balsom and her cousin and close friend, Patricia, will talk about growing up in Te Whanganui o Hei.

August 2019 Talk
Get a fascinating insight with our local panellists Joe Davis - Ngati Hei Kaumatua and historians Richard Gates and John Steele.

Each panellist will bring insights, background and fascinating stories about this significant encounter leading to the very first Powhiri accorded a European.

Lets Talk Tuia: time to learn, to reflect, and to look forward.


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