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Kuaotunu Peninsula
Project Kiwi Trust Kiwi Kuaotunu

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Project Kiwi Trust works on the Kuaotunu Peninsula and coordinates a programme of initiatives with the support of volunteers to save the North Island brown kiwi.

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The Trust coordinates a range of programmes to control predators through trapping, and to understand and monitor the biodiversity of the Kuaotunu Peninsula. The aim is to increase the survival rate of the kiwi chicks to ensure that the kiwi population remains stable and grows.

If you would like to become a volunteer with our programme, sponsor or donate to the programmes contact the Project Managers and view the details of the project on their website.

Some quick history:
The Kuaotunu Kiwi Sanctuary was establihed in 1996 with the enthusiasm of local landowners and supporters. As support for the project grew the Project Kiwi Trust registered in 2002 and has become a leader for the conservation of kiwi throughout the country.

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