St Andrews by the Sea Presbyterian and Methodist Church Whitianga


Albert Street
St Andrews by the Sea Presbyterian and Methodist Church Whitianga

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St Andrew's by the Sea Community Church in Whitianga has been used as a place of worship for all Protestant denominations.
Rev Mary Petersen works with the Church community to provide a very active range of parish and community activities including:

• Mainly music for kids - Thursday 10am in school term time
• Church Op-Shop - Thursday, Friday, Saturday 9am-12.30pm
• Messy Church - first Sunday of each month for all of the family to relax and enjoy
• Film and Friendship Club
• Christian Women's Fellowship
• Hot nutritious Food - meals for those in need
• Upright and active - seniors exercise
• Tough Love - behavioural support for the family
• People Relying on People - support for families battling mental health and substance abuse
• Exploring Christian Faith
• Home group
• Ladies Bible Study


St Andrews by the Sea Church Interior Photo Whitianga


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