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solarZero Subscription Service

solarZero Subscription Service

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Rising costs, unreliable infrastructure, and unpredictable weather threatens to change the Coromandel way of life.  Protect it by fighting back against climate change, rising prices and power outages.  Join solarZero for an affordable way to go solar.  Subscribe to solarZero today.

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Solar power and battery storage don't have to cost the earth.  With the cost of traditional grid power and blackouts rising, you deserve greater control and confidence over your electricity.  That's why solarZero's monthly energy subscription model offers predictable rates while providing clean, affordable, and resilient energy with no hardware or finance costs.  It features the industry-leading 20-year product, service, solar production and savings guarantees. 

solarZero Benefits include:

- Guaranteed savings

- Zero hardware costs

- Cheaper power

- Backup energy when the grid goes down

- Unlimited technical support

- Toitū Climate Positive Certified

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