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Whitianga, Coromandel, NZ
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Mike Greig
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Testdrill NZ Ltd
Testdrill NZ Ltd provide fast, friendly and cost effective services to test the stability of earth foundations and structural designs for your residential and commercial building projects.  We can also assist with a range of general contracting and construction services.

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The Testdrill Team

Mike and Denise Greig have years of experience in the construction and earthworks industry and can work with you to provide the best solution for your building project.

Testdrill NZ Ltd Services

Testdrill NZ Ltd can offer the following services:
  • Digger hire 
  • Site excavation work
  • House foundations, piling, ramming
  • New retaining walls - and advice on the possibility of anchoring or repairing your existing wall
  • Geotechnical investigations (Cone Penetrometer Test "CPT", Inspection Drilling, Core Sampling)


With our Kobelco SK85 we have the ability to do small to large excavations whether it is for house sites or general digger work.

House Foundations - Piling/Ramming
With our custom made excavator mounted pile driver we can handle most kinds of driven pile installation.

Retaining Walls
Mike at Testdrill  has been constructing timber pole retaining walls for over 25 years in Auckland and the wider Coromandel Peninsula area.

Geotechnical Investigation
With our ute or digger mounted rig we can perform CPT's (cone penetrometer test), inspection drilling or core samples quickly and efficiently for your engineer to draw up plans for your foundations or other structures

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Great job Testdrill!
After two major landslips close to our house in March '16 we engaged Testdrill to construct two terraced retaining walls. Unfortunately a very wet winter and spring prevented work until November, except for the testing process on the site. When work did commence (and I stress the delay was no fault of Testdrill) it was completed quickly, with minimum disruption to our household routine. The resulting walls and terraces are very strongly constructed, with great attention to detail, and are very attractive as well as totally functional. Great job Testdrill!! 

Hal and Susan Griffiths Whitianga
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