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Mercury Bay Concreting

Mercury Bay Concreting Services

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Mercury Bay Concreting
Mercury Bay Concreting Services provides a full range of concreting services in Whitianga and throughout the Coromandel Peninsula. We can quote on large and small concreting jobs. 

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Residential & Commercial Concrete in Whitianga and Mercury Bay

Our team at Mercury Bay Concreting services have the experience and product knowledge that is invaluable on Whitianga residential and commercial concrete projects. We'll take the time to discuss what you would like to achieve with your concrete area including the way that you will use it, the look and finish you want to achieve, and the best materials to use for your site. 

We have concrete options to suit your needs and can lay concrete of your choice including:
  • Plain concrete floors
  • Coloured concrete 
  • Polished concrete floors
  • Exposed aggregate.
We do everything concrete - new builds or renovations. 

Planning to Completion

Our team can assist you from the planning stages of your project through to the completion of your build. We have an experienced team to assist with ground preparation, boxing, concrete pouring and a range of concrete treatments.
  • Concrete footings & concrete floors
  • House floors & garage floors
  • Patios & courtyards
  • Garden paths & landscape areas
  • Concrete mowing strips
  • Concrete driveways and concrete access ways
  • Ground preparation & concrete boxing
  • Concrete acid washing
  • Concrete sealing
  • Polished interior concrete floors - kitchen, garage, laundry, dining and living areas.

Expert Concrete Finishes

Our experience and up to date concrete product knowledge ensures successful outcomes for our clients. Our team can advise you through your building project to ensure you get the best concrete finish to suit your needs. Examples of finishes include:
  • Broom concrete finish
  • Flat trowel concrete finish
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Sealed concrete floors
  • Coloured concrete acid wash
  • Polished floors.

Our Whitianga Concrete Team

David Tucker has over 20 years' experience in the concreting and building industry. He takes great satisfaction in using his concrete product knowledge and 'hands on' concrete skills to assist each client to achieve a quality concrete finish for their individual outcome.  

Call David Tucker now to discuss your concrete needs.

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Great Result and Service
Thanks to David Tucker from Mercury Bay Concreting Services for the workmanship and smart end result for our pathways and driveway.
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