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Fibretech - Fibreglass Boat & Jet Ski Repairs Whitianga

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Mobile Service That Comes To You!
Fibretech - fibreglass boat repairs and maintenance Whitianga
Contact the professional Fibretech team in Whitianga for quality fibreglass boat, launch and jet ski repair and maintenance.  Our mobile service can come to you!

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Fibretech Owner Ben Hibbert has extensive experience in boat repair, maintenance and the boat building industry. 

Fibretech Boat Repairs & Maintenance

If your boat or jet ski has damage from stone chips or cracks from trailer, jetty, pontoon or collision damage Firbretech can assist.
  • Boat repairs - gel coat repairs, hull repairs, hatch and window repairs
  • Boat maintenance - exterior boat polish services and general upkeep
  • Jet ski - fibre glass repairs
  • Yacht repairs - gel coat and painting
  • Boat insurance repairs.

Fibretech Boat modifications 

  • Boat modifications - including shortening bowsprit to fit into marina berths.

Mobile Boat Repair and Maintenance Service

Fibretech make it easy for you with their mobile unit that can come to your home or premises.

Contact Ben to get a free assessment and quote for your boat or jet ski.

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