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Pedicare Service

Pedicare Service

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Alison Walkington

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Whitianga , NZ


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Pedicare Service

For professional therapeutic foot care services in your home by a registered nurse in Whitianga.

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In home Pedicare service in Whitianga

Alison is a registered nurse, who is able to provide a pedicare service in your own home in the Whitianga area. Please contact her to arrange an appointment.

Pedicure services offered in Whitianga

The basic foot care treatment includes -

  • Toenails trimmed and filed
  • Callouses and corns removed
  • Ingrown toenails relieved
  • Fungal infections treated
  • File exfoliation
  • Feet moisturised
  • Footwear and foot care advice.

Optional treatments -

  • Fingernails trimmed and filed
  • Exfoliating foot scrub
  • Relaxing foot massage
  • Nail polish application
  • Verruca treatment.

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