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Do you need to find a tutor in Whitianga? Kip McGrath Whitianga provides private primary and secondary tuition and school homework support programmes for students in Years 2 - 13 that require remedial or extension English, Mathematics, and Physics lessons. Contact our friendly professional team who can provide you with a free and confidential assessment of your child's needs.

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Online Tutoring available in whitianga!

Kip McGrath Education in Whitianga can support your child's learning journey by offering online tutoring. No need for travel, simply log in from the comfort of home. The same great experience, but from home.
Experience the convenience of online tutoring 
  • Face to face - it's live and interactive
  • Safe and secure - with a qualified teacher
  • Convenience of home - no need to travel, battle traffic or fit in with  other after school activities
  • Student anonymity - students can access additional help without embarrassment
  • Cutting-edge Technology - the online classroom features an interactive whiteboard that allows for real time communication and dynamic learning - loved by students
What do I need for online tutoring?
All you need is a computer, webcam, headset/phones and an internet connection.
The best part of Kip McGrath online tutoring is that you get to be interactive with the teacher, unlike school where you can get lost in the crowd.

Need to find Tutoring for your child in Whitianga?

Does your child require additional assistance or alternatively a programme to extend their learning?  If you have a child that requires additional confidence, motivation or some extra challenging tuition contact our experienced team at Kip McGrath Whitianga. 

Primary and Secondary Tuition Classes Whitianga

Our qualified teachers offer personalised learning programmes specifically for your child. Whether your child needs to understand new concepts or master the basics in a subject, the Kip McGrath tutors can assist. 
 Depending on what needs to be taught, your child may have a tailored programme including:
  • Maths: maths core, algebra, decimals, times tables, maths problems, fractions, percentages, calculus & statistics.
  • English: reading, spelling, grammar, vocabulary development, phonemics, comprehension, written expression
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Writing
  • Remedial and Extension tuition
  • Science: Physics.

Your Childs Free Learning Assessment

 Book for a free assessment to identify your child's strengths, ability, learning styles and any gaps.  Go to our online Kip McGrath booking page using our blue website link.

The Kip McGrath whitianga Tuition Centre - In Centre Tuition

 Kip McGrath offers each student a tailored weekly programme to cater for their specific needs and learning objectives.  Our tuition centre is fully equipped and offers face to face teaching, computer-based learning and revision homework activities.  We offer:
  • Individual learning programmes for all of our students - each child learns at their own pace and style
  • Regular progress reports - regular monitoring and assessment of how your child is improving
  • Individual teacher attention
  • Relaxed and friendly learning environment.

Our Kip McGrath Tuition Classes whitianga

Our weekly 80-minute tuition sessions provide the opportunity for our students to be challenged, encouraged and nurtured in a welcoming and warm environment.  Our senior math students have one-hour sessions.

 Our Kip McGrath whitianga Teaching Team

 Kip McGrath Whitianga Director Pauline Curtain has over 30 years of experience as a qualified teacher. 
 Contact Pauline Curtain to enquire about a tuition class that would suit your child.
 We can help your child catch up and keep up in English and Maths - improve the chance of school success!

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