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The Fillery

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24 Albert Street
Coromandel Waikato
New Zealand 3510

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Whitianga's own eco grocer. We provide bulk food, pantry staples, produce and eco cleaning supplies. And, we help the community create a more balanced and sustainable lifestyle by removing the packaging!

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Whitianga bulk pantry food – without the packaging!

The Fillery has a fantastic range of pantry staples ready for you to fill in your own jars, containers or bags. If you don't have your own containers we have bags and containers for you to use free of charge. 

See us for your supplies of:

  • Baking goods
  • Grains & pasta
  • Tea & coffee
  • Herbs, spices & rubs
  • Beans & legumes
  • Nuts, seeds & dried fruit
  • Bread & produce.

Eco friendly cleaning products

We stock personal care products such as soaps along with a cleaning and homeware range. Our eco-friendly cleaning products and supplies are septic tank safe and compostable. 

How does The Fillery work?

Just bring your containers to be weighed on your way in to the store. We will weigh them for you, we don't want to charge you for the weight of your containers. Browse the store and choose your supplies, filling your own jars or containers. Bring back to the counter and we will weigh them again, you pay for the difference in weight. Easy! 

We won't promote being plastic free or waste free. Plastic is everywhere and infiltrates our lives through packaging, labels, bottle pumps, spray triggers and more. We will be transparent in the process and aim to work with suppliers who share our values and ethos in minimising packaging, plastic and waste. We will encourage you to use what you have and not feel pressure to consume more. We are all about doing better in the now. There is no perfection just progress. 

The Fillery Owner - Kathryn

Ideas and Inspiration

We've got some great recipes on our website using some of the ingredients we have in store. Keep an eye out for our informative workshops and events in store to support you positively in living sustainably.

We want to take things back to basics, think about the environment, be kinder all round and make it simple.

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Unique store – it is a delight to visit
Delighted to use this unique (in Whitianga) store. It's like a breath of fresh air to enter. I take my containers and purchase what I can use in a short time. Some of the purchases I have tried are: Cranberries, so fresh and moist, the best I have ever purchased. Red lentils: the cleanest and brightest lentils I have seen. Spices, I purchase sufficient to try new ones without having a whole jar which gets stale. Whatever I have needed seems to be available. Shopping in this store is not a chore, it is a delight to visit.
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