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Andy and Shelley Corles
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1242 Whangapoua Road
New Zealand 3592

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Shop open most weekends.
Castle Rock Cafe Strawberry and Lemon Dressing


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We produce a range of Gluten Free Chutneys and Fruit Dressings – just like Grandma use to.

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We make all of our products in small batches, so we are able to taste them and have a consistent product that we can supply to our customers. This way our customers are guaranteed the same product consistency every time an order is placed. We label all our jars and bottles by hand. We use no artificial colouring or preservatives in our products and use locally grown products where possible, but always NZ grown. We would like to see our range of products sold throughout the country so everyone can get the pleasure of some amazing New Zealand made products.

Our Products

All of our products are gluten free, preservative free and are celiac and vegan friendly. Here are some ideas that you can do with our products:

Chilli Lime Chutney – spread on eye fillet before cooking, stir through prawns, use as base with ginger and garlic for any stir fry meat or vegetable dish, mix in with sour cream to go with fresh pasta or as a side to any seafood, drop on with cheese and crackers.

Tangy Tomato Chutney – mix into any slow cooker dish, spread with cheese and crackers, spread on cold meats or cold meat sandwiches, accompaniment for any meat dish.

Tamarillo Chutney – delicious with cheese and crackers especially blue cheese, spread over toast with avocado, or use for basting any chicken dish.

Chilli Peach Chutney – delicious with roast lamb, cheese and crackers or serve with grilled snapper.

Strawberry, lemon, mint Dressing – works with any salad combination, perfect with salmon and chicken, pour over grilled asparagus or egg plant.

Raspberry Dressing – works with any green salad leaves, use as a marinade for any red meat, pour over ice cream, and drop into sparkling water or champagne.

Chilli, lime and coriander Dressing – marinade for pork or chicken, excellent over any type of seafood, delicious on rocket leaves or mix it into your favourite Thai salad.

Blueberry thyme Dressing– works with any salad combination, drizzle over pancakes, drizzle over feta cheese and watermelon.

Tamarillo cinnamon Dressing– drizzle over roasted beetroot, rocket and haloumi cheese salad, feta, walnut and bacon salad or just over your favourite vanilla ice cream.

Where to buy

We have an online store on our website and a list of stockists throughout New Zealand.

Castle Rock shop has a delicious range of homemade chutney's and vinegar available for purchase. Open each weekend and has homemade products to purchase at the shop on site or online. Situated on State Highway 25 between Coromandel and Whangapoua in a picturesque rural setting. Just a 10 minute drive to beautiful Whangapoua beach where you can walk to the world famous New Chum Beach.

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Love your delicious range of chutneys Castle Rock - great for home and as special presents for visitors to our area.

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