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Snapper Jacks

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Please note that all of our deliveries will be made through Whiti City Cabs. An additional fee will be added to your order.

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26c Albert St
New Zealand 3510

Business Hours

  • Mon 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tue 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wed 11:00 am - 8:00 pm Closed now
  • Thu 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Fri 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sat 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sun 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
Burger and fries


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For the best takeaways and fast food dine in options in central Whitianga come and see our friendly team at Snapper Jacks.  Our food is cooked fresh to order and phone orders are welcome.

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Looking for takeaways & fish and chips? 

At Snapper Jacks you can order takeaways or dine in as there is plenty of room to sit and enjoy your meal. 

  • Takeaways
  • Dine In meals
  • Ice Creams
  • Hot drinks - coffee, tea, hot chocolate
  • Cold drinks.

Takeaway Meals

  • Fresh fish of the day
  • Fries – hot chips, kumara fries, garlic butter chips, cheese 'n' mayo chips
  • Tasty burgers (including meat, vegetarian burgers and kids burgers)
  • Plain or battered sausages
  • Squid rings, spring rolls, crab sticks, corn fritters
  • Selection of deep fried items
  • Toasted sandwiches (cheese, tomato, onion egg, pineapple, ham, bacon, steak)
  • $10 meal deals and more...

Dine In Combo Meals

Our combo meals are cooked to order and include:

  • Jacks Burger and chips
  • Snapper salad and chips
  • Steak, eggs and chips
  • Seafood selection.

Ice Creams & Milkshakes

  • NZ Kapiti ice cream flavours - premium scoop ice cream come and it!
  • Premium mil shakes and thick-shakes.



Kiddy Burger








Bacon & Egg Burger




Fish Tartare Burger


Chicken Burger


Chicken Satay Burger


Hawaiian Burger


Vege Burger


Steak & Egg Burger


Lamb Burger


From the Deep Fryer

Chips (Scoop)
Minimum order $2.00


Cheezy Mayo Chips


Kumara Fries


Beer Batter & Gravy


Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream Chips


Curly Fries


Gravy (Extra)


Prawn Twisters


Fish Bites


Chicken Nuggets






Battered Sausage


Spring Rolls
Spring Rolls, Curry Rolls, Vege Rolls




Squid Ring


Salt & Pepper Squid








Paua Fritter


Meals and Deals

Jacks Burger & Chips


Snapper Salad & Chips


Steak, Eggs & Chips


Cheese Burger & Chips


Fish & Chips


Fish Burger & chips


Snapper Burger & Chips


Hoki & Sausage Combo
2x Hoki, 2x Sausages (plain or battered) and $2.50 Chips


Double Bacon, Beef, Cheese Burger
with chips


$20 Combo
2x Hoki, 2x Potato Fritters, 2x Squid Rings, 1x Spring Roll, 1x Curry Roll, $4 Chips


$30 Combo
2x Battered Sausages, 4x Potato Fritters, 4x Hoki, $6 Chips


$40 Combo
2x Hot Dogs, 2x Sausages, 6x Hoki, $6 Chips





Cheese, onion & Potato Cakes


Potato Fritter


Mussel Fritter


Corn Fritter


Toasted Sandwiches

2 Fillings
Excluding Steak, Bacon & Ham


Cheese, Onion, Pineapple, Tomato, Mushrooms etc








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Love The Vegetarian Burgers
Love the vegetarian burgers - packed full of goodness and just delicious! 
Comments (0) | Was this review helpful? 3 0
Best Hamburger We Have Ever Tasted
Hands down the best hamburger we have ever tasted. Fritters and chips were also 10/10. Highly recommend. 
Comments (0) | Was this review helpful? 3 0
Can't Get Enough
Best fish and chip maker ever can't get enough and they make it all with love taste like fish and chips should taste great work guys keep it coming.

Comments (0) | Was this review helpful? 3 0
One Of The Best Fish & Chips I Have Ever Had
This was one of the best fish and chips I have ever had. The fresh fish was lightly battered so you could really taste the fish! We got ours go-to and headed to the beach. It was definitely our least expensive yet best meal in Whitianga.

Comments (0) | Was this review helpful? 3 0
Delicious, Inexpensive & The Scoops Were Massive
We all ordered icecream and oh MAN. It was delicious, inexpensive, and the scoops were MASSIVE. We seriously considered riding the ferry back from Cooks Beach to Whitianga again the next day just for more icecream. Perfect on a hot summer afternoon!

Comments (0) | Was this review helpful? 3 0
Best Fish & Chips In Whitianga
Best fish & chips in Whitianga, they also have great icecreams, sloshies & other meals takeaways & eat in. Would go again next time in Whitianga

Comments (0) | Was this review helpful? 3 0

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