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A very long wait for average food
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The second time we have been to Kufe. The last time in November 2020. The service was very slow that time but thought they may have sorted it out. However, went again on 3rd Jan 2021 and nothing had changed. The wait staff were very disorganised, they made no eye contact with people waiting to give their orders. I went to the counter after 15 minutes to get my own menu and then went back 10 minutes later to order our drinks and food. The drinks came reasonably quickly but had to wait 1 1/2 hours for our seafood chowder. The chowder was OK, a bit cold as it had been siting waiting, obvious by the skin on top. The mussels in the chowder had not opened and the scallops were very overcooked. This restaurant needs someone who knows how to run one and get the staff trained to be observant, pleasant and provide good service. If you are too busy to handle the crowd, tell them before they sit down so they can make a decision. We saw 10 different groups get up and leave due to the long delays. Sort it out team or you wont have a business in 12 months time.
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