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We visited Kufe to celebrate my partners birthday as it has an amazing location and seaview. It started out well and we were greeted nicely with water, and we were able to place our order promptly with table service. We ordered a bowl of fries and a pizza with some modifications. After 45 minutes of waiting, we noticed a table who sat down awhile after us receive their pizza. No one had been over to talk to us about our wait or top up the waters etc. When I approached the server to check our order had been placed, she replied that it wouldn't be long.

Minutes later, the server returned to say that the modifications on our pizza were missed and the hold up was due to it being remade, but that it was in the oven. We asked if we could get the fries first to carry us over. As I went to the washroom, I noticed there was no pizza in the wood fire oven or anyone preparing pizza. Five or so minutes later, a gentleman came to explain the mistake was his error because he didn't see the modifications as the docket printing was small and that he would remake it for us now.

We got the fries quickly and the server told us she would take them off the bill as a gesture of the slow wait. Unfortunately they were not cooked thoroughly but we didn't want to bother the staff as we had appreciated the effort to get them out promptly.

After over an hour of waiting, we received our pizza and the modifications (no chicken, add tomato) were once again not followed. There was no tomato on the pizza, and no body returned to our table to quality check the food. The gentleman who made our pizza knocked on the window, as we were sitting outside, and gave us a thumbs up in effort of a follow up I suppose.

During the time we were there our water was not topped up at all, or were we offered a refill on the drinks we had ordered and finished. It wasn't busy within the restaurant, being a Monday afternoon, and there seemed to be a lot of staff wandering about. Whilst we sat and observed in the couple hours we were dining, there were two other complaints and when I went to pay there was no mention of the situation or apology. The servers were friendly, but not considerate of the service that was being provided.

My partner and I manage a bar locally and we understand that these things happen, but it could of been dealt with better as these kind of errors don't need to ruin a whole experience. Be prepared for some teething issues if you visit Kufe. We won't be returning any time soon, but it has potential.
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