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Very disappointed
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Looking forward to a lovely brunch, along side gorgeous views. But sadly after waiting an hour for our meals to arrive, half of the big breakfast was missing and the bananas were missing from the French toast meal. They got taken back to rectify, only to return still with some items missing. The manager then explained that they had no banana so the two small strawberries on the plate were instead of banana. He returned again with the baked beans for the big breakfast and finally we had one meal correct after three tries. Now the food was quite cold. No apologies or explanation. Coffee extremely bitter. When I went to pay, still nothing was said in the way of apology, I then stated the issues we had as we had been served by different people each time and I asked for a discount. They gave me a discount but said absolutely nothing to me from the moment I asked. The biggest issue I have with the experience is the lack of communication and apology.
Staff need to learn how to deal with issues and complaints, usually anything problems can be turned around with a little communication.
Not recommended at all.
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