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Both visits have delivered on quality delicious food.
Very friendly staff.
Fresh produce, very nicely prepared.
Breakfast smashed avo came with a generous amount of smoked salmon. At first I thought there was too little bread, however there was enough and I was comfortably full at the end. I needed to ask for a lemon wedge to give it the acid it needed for flavour balance. My companions mushrooms came with old style thick bacon, and that was amazing!
Dinner of squid, courgette fritters, calamari and lamb kebabs were all delicious and of good portion size.
Less positive: remembering that the restaurant has only been open 3 weeks and all systems are new, there is still some work to be done here. Some wait staff seemed unsure of themselves and the menu, and little things like forgotten cutlery were common. The team also need to keep an eye on tables - it proved impossible to catch anyone’s eye for help even when quiet, however when I went and asked for things they were lovely and really wanted to help- so a bit more practice and training perhaps.
All in all, very good and I will go back again,
The spot is beautiful.
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